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  1. I would also love a copy of Mary did you know if you can. drkclwn@outlook.com Thanks
  2. I am also looking for Mary did you know by Pentatonix if you could share I would really appreciate it. drkclwn@outlook.com Thanks
  3. As the title says it I am looking for anybody that has done Little drummer boy by Pentatonix I have found one sequence for it but I'm trying to find one that I can incorporate my 8 mini trees with. If anybody has it to share I would greatly appreciate it. You can email me at drkclwn@outlook.com And in the spirit of sharing I have the following sequences I can share to whomever would like them. 1. All I want for Christmas - Mariah Carey 2. Carol of the bells - John Williams 3. Crazy frog Jingle Bells - Crazy Frog 4. Everything is awesome - Tegan and Sara (the Lego movie) 5. Holly Jolly C
  4. If you don't mind sharing I would love little drummer boy. Thanks drkclwn@outlook.com
  5. Could I also get a copy, please. Thanks drkclwn@outlook.com
  6. Thank you so much for sharing really appreciate it.
  7. If you could please send me a copy I would appreciate it. Thanks drkclwn@outlook.com
  8. If anyone would like to share their sequence you can email me at drkclwn@outlook.com Thanks
  9. Hey guys I was wondering if any of you wonderful people out there had a couple of sequences they could share. I am looking for A Mad Russian's Christmas by TSO and the Crazy Frog Jingle Bells. I just added 24 more channels to my display which will be 8 RGB mini trees and now I have to go back through all my old songs and sequence those trees in which is taking forever. But it is cool to be able to make them any color that I want. I just don't know if I will have the time to start up brand new sequences. So I was hoping that someone could share a sequence or 2, it doesn't necessarily have to b
  10. Hey James, It seems like you are a very popular person with this sequence. I too would love a copy of this sequence. I am trying to make it right now and it is coming along very slowly. First year doing this and everything. Thanks very much, Tucker drkclwn@outlook.com
  11. Ok cool thanks. I will see what I can come up with. Thanks
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