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  1. James, I would love to have a copy of this as well. Thank you for all your hard work Oldjazz143@aol.com
  2. May i have a copy as well? Thank you Oldjazz143@aol.com
  3. James, if you wouldn't mind I'd love to check this one out. Oldjazz143@aol.com thank you for all your help and hard work.
  4. JR, if you wouldn't mind I'd love to see it. Oldjazz143@aol.com Thank you
  5. If your still sharing I would like a copy as well. Oldjazz143@aol.com. thank you
  6. If your still sharing. My daughter loves this song. Oldjazz143@aol.com thank you in advance
  7. Looks great. If.your still sharing I would love a copy. Oldjazz143@aol.com thank you
  8. Jerry, If your still sharing I would love a copy as well. Oldjazz143@aol.com thank you for the hard work that is done.
  9. i would love to see oldjazz143@aol.com Thanks
  10. Jim, the pixel strips had been wired to the same cat5e and i physically moved them from one port on the pixcon16 to another. They both did exactly the same, Freeze at certain points in the sequence. I originally though it was the sequence or my channel configuration. I then swapped the green pair in the cat5e to the brown pair(both are the ground for the pixel strips) after letting my test show run for several hours it has not done it.
  11. ended up being a defective pair in my cat5 runs on those 2 stripes only. nothing a week of fighting with couldn't fix.
  12. James, I have using the superstar to add the pixels this years show. i have finally been able to try them out on the tree. I was wondering have you ever seen or heard of certain universes freezing up during sequence editor and during a test show. all products are lor. im using the pixcon16 via ethernet from a gig 8 port switch, as well as the usb to 485 for the 1 16 channel and 2 cmb 24. the pixel strips are 15' long 2811 12volt. this seems to happen on specific songs at the same time each time they are universes 5 and 7 and will have to remove the ports from the pixcon to reset. It seems to be the same strips each time. I tried to swap them into different universes and they still do it. it is only the 2
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