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  1. Hi, I recently installed (fresh) a most recent copy of S5 and I found that all parts of the software work. Except the sequencer. It will not start. I tried changing compatibility, running as admin, etc. to no avail. I instead uninstalled and downgraded to 5.2.2 and it works fine. Very strange, and this may be the wrong place to post this, but I wanted the devs to be able to see it. I will give hardware info upon request.
  2. Hey all, So i'm running into a new problem with S5 that I don't remember having an issue with in S4. Where if I use the color fade tool (no matter what colors are selected) I cannot apply a fade to a single cell. It only will fill in the color fade if it is 2 cells or more that I'm trying to fill. Am I missing a configuration setting here? Or is this feature ACTUALLY gone? I really hope it's the former. Thanks!
  3. Alright, so I tried that and no cigar. I still have my old S4 files for this sequence. So I opened that up and converted it to S5 and exported the grid config. When I imported it back into the 'good' S5 file it wiped everything. No commands at all. So that will not fix it, unfortunately. Essentially, I'm trying to avoid re-creating my preview because that was kinda tedious. But If I have to re-convert my old S4 file again, I guess so be it.
  4. So I accidentally deleted some props from my preview and now they are archived in the sequencer. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to restore these props back to what they were. Any help? Thanks!
  5. Oh I do have some of those laying around! I'll see if they will work, and if so, order more perhaps!
  6. You got it! Vertically mounted Chauvet ColorBand Pix-M's
  7. Just follow the links. There should be a download button on the top right of the viewing page!
  8. Hi all, Is it possible to limit the output of specific channels within the LOR software anywhere? I have some fixtures that I would like to add on to my CMD24D but it's a 12v system and the fixture accepts 7v max. I can just put a 5W resistor in series with it but I don't have those readily available. Just wanted to see if anyone has had success with a different method before I go buy some resistors. Thanks!
  9. Yo, thanks for checking this out! So The way I like to start my Halloween show is with a short remix of the Purge broadcast announcement. It's spooky and some of the people actually think it's a real emergency (up until they realize it's just purge). This is one of my favorites. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8WMJiWcicazRFB2T0JlZDZLZGM Then, to keep this short, and so you can see all the lighting I use, here is my most endowed sequence. Thriller. (yeah, sorry not sorry) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8WMJiWcicazdVNJUXFyMldtMUk I'll admit the sequence is a little bland. I plan on making it bigger for 2018. Edit: Guess I should tell you what I use in this display: LOR Controllers PixCon16 (also outputting DMX) 16Ch Dimmer Dumb RGB Controller (Not really used much) 2 Chauvet ColorBand Pix-M (pictured on left and right) 6 Chauvet Slimpar 38 (washing the house) 1 Chinese 1500W ground fogger 4 Generic blacklights about 32ft of 6803 LED strips 4 75W Tungesten blinders
  10. Hello, Been having some frustrating issues with my CTB16D board. Since just today, I walked outside to see that my stand alone sequence was not running properly. Instead, channels 1, 3, 5, and 14 were flashing in a random, rapid fashion. Also, upon inspecting the controller, the status led was off. No flashing, no solid red, just off. The only way I could get the controller back up and running was by resetting it by setting its address to 00 and applying power. Then the status LED flashed like it normally would if it has no connection. (because it was not connected at this time to a showtime computer). Is this a known issue? Firmware? IF i'm forgetting to cover anything ask away. current firmware is 1.0.4 At your leisure. Thanks
  11. I have a CTB16DV6 controller. Firmware fully updated.
  12. Not sure I fully understand what you mean. Care to elaborate?
  13. The reason i need this is because I would like to use it in a live situation. I have a DMX control board that is normally used on Large scale dimmer paks. I wanted to incorporate this controller into my DMX arsenal. I guess that's what I get for not doing more research, I just thought that ALL LOR's accepted DMX. And yes, you would be correct.
  14. Hi, I have a LOR board that does not natively accept DMX. I was planning on using the iDMX1000 as an interface between a DMX control board and my LOR. Would this work the way i want? or does the iDMX1000 ONLY convert LOR protocol to DMX, and not DMX to LOR? Thanks.
  15. Ok, thank you, I was expecting to have to do something along those lines. But thanks a lot!
  16. Hello guys! I have a question about recording sequences into LOR, and maybe one of you have pulled it off in the past. Anyways, I want to be able to record an entire LOR sequence using a PC keyboard or MIDI keyboard or device. I am aware that LOR has a tapper wizard that will let you do this. However, the tapper wizard WILL do what i want, but not all at the same time. What I want to do is have a single key bound to a fixture, But I want all the channels to be bound at once. So that way I can press any of the bound keys at any time, and it will insert a timing for that channel at that time. So for example, I press key "1" and then fixture "1" will have a timing inserted. Or I press key "5" and fixture "5" will have a timing inserted. Hopefully you understand what i'm getting at. This would be extremely helpful in creating sequences, let me know if you have done something similar to this or know of a way of going about it. Thanks.
  17. Okok, Sorry everyone. I figured it out. The board is not compatible with DMX input. Oh well.
  18. Hello, I just purchased my first LOR controller! Anyways. I received the controller, pieced it together, and got a nice flashing red light! Excellent! So, before I purchased, I had done plenty of research on the LOR and everything about it. I found out that all LOR's accept DMX-512 Natively! Aint' that awesome!?! Coming from a stage lighting background, I loved the idea. Reading further, I found that Light-o-rama has their own guide to making an XLR to RJ-45 patch cable to run DMX signal to your LOR. Here:http://www1.lightorama.com/Documents/DMX-DOC.pdf I followed the instructions EXACTLY, even checking continuity on each pin when I was done. I even created the crossover version of the patch cable like listed in the .pdf. And still, no cigar. I can't figure out why this doesn't work. Is there a different way of doing this? are the pins wrong? Whats the issue here? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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