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  1. I am going to go ahead and keep the rest of the parts that didn't sell. Thank you to everyone that bought some of the parts.
  2. Both WS2811 controllers and address editor SOLD.
  3. I never received any PM from you. I have replied to every PM.
  4. 3 x LOR CMB24D SOLD 2 x 12V30A SOLD 5v WS2811 controller Pending 12v WS2811 controller Pending WS2811 Channel programmer Pending
  6. I am selling off the majority of a project I had going. PM’s will be answered in order received. Buyer pays actual USPS Priority Mail shipping. Paypal only. Everything was bought new in 2015 except for the two old 110V boards. If something is not circled in the photo it is not for sale. RED = 3 x LOR CMB24D $50.00 each Orange = LOR CTB16D 110V $40.00 Yellow = LOR CTB08D 110V $20.00 Green = 3 x DMX36 $50.00 each Blue top - 5v WS2811$10.00 170 pixels (or 510 channels) Blue bottom = 12v WS2811$10.00 (170 pixels (or 510 channels) changed from 5v to 12v internally) Not Shown = WS2811 DMX start channel programmer$10.00 White = 4 x 12V30A $25.00 each 5V60A $25.00 5V40A $25.00 24V5A $10.00 24V2.5A $5.00 Not Shown = DMX512 Decoder 4 ch $25.00 Not Shown = 2 x Holidaycoro DMX512 ActiDongle $25.00 each Not Shown = LOR USB-RS485-HS High Speed $10.00 Not Shown = LOR SC485-RJ45 Serial Adapter $10.00
  7. I am a complete joker online with all of my customers. They love that about me. While one person out of 1,000 might not like it, the other 999 enjoy that about me. It shows that I am human and that I have a twisted sense of humor. One thing my customers know me for is teasing. I love working them all up into a frenzy and they know that I enjoy doing it to them. I have many thousands of women as my customers from 20 somethings to 80 year olds. Try getting and holding the attention of that many women. Why no, I am not an escort. I only sell digital downloads. My customers follow my every move and every word that I post.
  8. They usually never learn. I knew someone like that but he was a carpenter. He hurt himself constantly. It was guaranteed. Power tools and nail guns.
  9. It is hard to believe there are people in the world like that guy.
  10. I did that hobby a few years ago building my own hex. There was talk back then about regulations coming. Too many people get stupid with them. If the spinning blades touch you it is like being touched by a food processor. Flying them directly above people is very dangerous. They did the same thing with powered parachutes about 10 years ago and it put all of the guys selling them out of business. One of my former employers used to sell them. They now require a pilots license to operate them.
  11. Go here: http://www.planetchristmas.com/signatures/ Generate what you want and copy the code it gives you into your signature here: http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?app=core&module=usercp&tab=core&area=signature
  12. I spent over $100.00 on plastic label maker tape to mark every lighting wire on both ends. I also put labels on every power supply and both ends of every network cable. It is a little costly but much cheaper than replacing 74 pixel per meter strips.
  13. The problem I had was that my four CMB24D's got wonky in the brain so all they needed was to be reset. The only thing going on them is 32 short strips of dumb RGB. The CMB24D's are the only thing on the LOR High Speed network.
  14. The main reason I am using so many different networks and protocols is so I can learn them. If I do things too simple I do them too quickly. I need things to be as difficult as possible so I can work on it longer.
  15. I completely missed the mark on that one. I did shop for value but I had a hard time stopping myself from buying more. My $800.00 project budget kind of tripled or quadrupled. I don't think that I want to add it up. Mysteries are more fun.
  16. I started testing out a few of the controllers and I think that I will need to limit intensities to about 50% on all of the Pixels and RGB's. My 32 main 35" long strips of WS2812B's are 74 pixel per meter. My 140 of the 25mm pixels are kind of on the bright side too. The 100mm pixels will be extreme since each pixel has 12 SMD5050's on it and I have 35 of them. oops. I plan on making large (24" wide) eyes out of them with a pupil that can go left, right and center in addition to the eyes closing. They will also work as blinders to burn out your retinas. This prop at full power will probably be like staring at the sun. 10,000+ channels packed into 48 square feet. Even though it is really crazy I am having a lot of fun learning all of this stuff and setting it up.
  17. It is not just a single person that has to watch and score all of the videos. They use a panel of employees. I doubt that all of them on the panel can watch all of the videos at the same rate. While the system might be a little flawed it is better than nothing at all. I would like to take part but I am not really doing a holiday display.
  18. I have finally gotten to the point to where I could start entering all of the devices, networks, universes and channels into the Sequence Editor. I will be using the Pixel Editor for all of the RGB and Pixels but I still wanted them in SE because down the road I will probably do some of my own programming of them without the PE being used. I hadn't been keeping track of how many channels I would be using. I still have a few hundred more channels to add in but right now I am at 10,156 channels with all of the big stuff punched in. Almost finished wiring up all of the controllers. I have about 3/4 of that done.
  19. It ended up with the problem being the boards needed to be reset. The adapter is fine and the boards are working with the adapter now. Thanks.
  20. I just bought this USB485-HS from LOR a week or two ago and it had never been used. (The red one).
  21. Four CMB24D hooked up and will respond in Hardware manage but SE will not control them even though the Comm Listener and Diagnostics both list the adapter as being connected. From LOR Diagnostics: Comm Listener Port = 8837Dasher Port = 0List Networks = FalseUses DMX = TrueX10 Port = 0 Regular = COM 5, Speed 57.6KAux A = COM 3, Speed 500K, Enhanced Universe 1 = E1.31 / 2 = ENTTEC Pro / A9XSBIJWUniverse 3 = ENTTEC Pro / A7XSB7BU I checked in Windows Comm port Events to make sure that I have the right adapter chosen with the right Comm port. These are my notes on what is what: LOR - Comm 5 Regular NetworkLOR High Speed – Aux A Network Comm 3 Adapter: A704D6IWAE1.31 - (Universe #1) DMX-2 - Comm 4 Adapter: A9XSBIJWA (Universe #2)DMX-3 - Comm 7 Adapter: A7XSB7BUA (Universe #3) I can make the CMB24D work in SE if I put them on one of the DMX Acti-dongles and switch all of the jumpers on the CMB24D's. In the LOR Network Configuration I have the following set up: LOR Tab: Regular, Comm 5, 57.6K Aux A, Comm 3, 500.0K, Enhanced DMX Tab: Univ 1,, E1.31 [5568] Univ 2, A9XSBIJW, ENTTEC DMX USB Pro Univ 3, A7XSB7BU, ENTTEC DMX USB Pro In SE the devices are set up as Light-O-Rama Controller on Aux A Network, Units 1 thru 4. I added the devices as RGB channels. Dip switches on the boards are set as: Unit 1- sw 9 on Unit 2- sw 8 on Unit 3-sw 8 & 9 on Unit 4- sw 7 on. Any help would be appreciated because I would like to use this brand new adapter for these four new boards and not have to put them on one of the HolidayCoro adapters. I just bought this USB485-HS from LOR so I wouldn't have to have these new boards on the slow network with my old LOR boards. ETA: I can plug these four CMB24D's into my Regular LOR Network and change the Unit ID's to 3, 4, 5 & 6 and they work. I have the Regular network hooked up with a LOR SC485-RJ45 Serial adapter.
  22. I have tried unhooking the slower LOR network and only using the red high speed USB adapter and trying a single CMB24 in a new sequence by itself. Nothing. Since the Hardware manager will control the board it doesn't seem to be the USB adapter that I just purchased from LOR.
  23. EL Wire will not handle fast chases and each strand of it requires the appropriate sized driver for the length used. When the power is shut off to the driver it slowly releases the last of the charge in it which takes a second or two to drain out. Most of the smaller drivers run off of 9v but 12v makes it brighter and last longer. It still won't be as bright as regular Christmas lights or LED's. Coolneon.com sells EL Wire. I have over 200' of it in 9 colors of the 2.6mm size and 36 drivers. AC drivers run from $12.00 to $110.00 each. DC drivers from $5.00 to $110.00 each. I bought medium sized DC drivers that can run 2' to 35' of EL Wire and cost $7.00 each
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