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  1. I put a 15k ohm on my red and have not been having any problems. I also bought me a thermaltake tr2 -500 watt power supply. connected the green and black together to power it up. my voltage is at 12.1 volts. wished there was a adjustment to take it down to atleast 11.7 but so far I have been operating it since 20th has been working great. I am going to rebuild my other one with a 18k ohm on the red, 1k ohm on the green, and a 2.2 on the blue. also I have noticed that turning down a power supply and pulling so much from them with other coming on and off and certain interval causes spikes. so even the green is 12 volts I am going to continue with a resistor on that. but all works great thank you everyone for the help and have merry Christmas and a happy new year
  2. I tried to turn my power supply down to 11.7 is all down it will go. and after that my power supply went dead. I treid to turn it back up and nothing at all. resoldered a new 3 amp pico fuse and it blew in half. looking to find me another one locally but I doubt I will find one. I used to have a mini pc power supply that powered up from my dio card by relay. looking into that option again.
  3. I bought them off eBay for cheap and took out those glued packed power supplies controlled by an ir sensor and tied my wires in it. but I replaced the led with a better brand. but I have seen some others that stated that red is 7 volts. why is the red 7 not 12. but I was thinking of a resistor and a blocking diode on the yellow + side cause when they burn out it seems to tie the blue mosfet together and causes my dongle to power off. I am not sure what ohm to use . ??
  4. I have just replaced twice my led in my rgb floods. I don't understand why only the reds keep burning out but the green and the blue works just fine. voltage on my power supply is only 12.2 and 11.9 with other on at same time this keeps happening on both my floods. ??????????????????
  5. I noticed that you only need two of those cat 5 network wires. hooked it up data neg and data pos. still the same results from the crossover. GOT MY DONGLE FOR 39.99 from holiday coro got it fast. works like a charm very easy to setup and use. www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgxdgjtd5r4&feature=youtu.be
  6. I have been trying to debug and I noticed that my servo card stopped driving my relays. but noticed it works on another sequence. I have checked the sequence but all seems fine channel configuration is correct. but it had me worried on my servo I just got that thing back from the shop at LightORama. I have purchased the dongle from holiday coro. it would be the best solution than jeopardizing my setup. yes I have this item it was 13 bucks on ebay. does not work at all not even with the freestyle software or driver. and I have to boot my pc from my windows 7 os cause there is no driver for windows 8.1
  7. I cant seem to debug the channels coming on with lor controller channels and it seems it don't matter what I set on the dip switch. I have ordered me a open entech dongle. that should send me in the direction to find out if my rgb dmx controller is faulty. any more tips or ideas anyone let me know.
  8. yes it works but I have to configure my channels cause some are coming on and off with others on my lor network I bought two cat 5 modular jacks and made me a crossover. the side I used to connect to my dmx board all color code matching in category B on the jack. on my lor side coming from my last controller. I switched out orange with white stripe to solid blue pin 4 solid orange pin 2 with solid blue pin 5 solid green pin 7 to brown with white stripe pin 7 I left brown pin 8 the same as well as green with white stripe pin 3 the remaining three wires I just taped up and tucked aside
  9. thank you dmitriy. I have noticed that my board does receives lor signal but the board is receiving It as lor and I need it to be dmx. I am going to radioshack and buy me some cat 45 jacks and make me a crossover. so pretty much this thing will be connected to the end of my lor controllers and then switched to dmx. will repost update on how it turns out.
  10. I bought this item www.ebay.com/itm/321790541403 and going to see if it works. I normally avoid buying things that are not lor but 159 to 259 dollars for a dongle is insane. Hopefully this dmx from xlights will work with it. this is a nice controller. cause I am not switching my lor controllers to dmx last time I heard someone tried that directly to a com port their pc motherboard went up in smoke.
  11. well I decided to work around the rgb for now. got my mega tree up and some of my sets of multi led are halfway out so for now it is going to be a 8 channel tree. TIP TO ANYONE (THE LIGHT KEEPER PRO IS AMAZING)
  12. yes it works as the same but connects to my serial com port. I reserve all my usb ports besides my controllers are only like 30 feet from my pc.
  13. I have a rs 232 to lor cat5 to my gen3 then to my older ctb 16 then my servo controller then my dmx controller.
  14. I was reading on the lor website that dmx is built in the 16 channel controllers. I have hooked up a dmx-30 channel I have my red light solid. I have unplugged all my controllers and plugged them back in to reboot them I have the green light flashing as it is receiving signal but still I don't get how to get it to work on the lor network or in sequence editor. also I have hooked it up daisy chained from my last controller because if in between my controllers they will not be seen or detected. I don't want to pay 250 for some dongle and have to use the xlr ports. I would like to run it off my existing lor. any help is appreciated
  15. I am researching pwm on my rgb floodlight as of changing the voltage higher and lower changes the colors how do I do that on a servo dog 8 channel controller. circuit 4 and 5 is what I wish to use for both of my rgb led floodlights Is it possible?? and how to I make that work in sequence editor?? or do I have to figure out the pixel editor?
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