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  1. I need any sequence for the singing rudolph. It's a four channel: Outline, nose, mouth open and mouth closed. THanks Don
  2. I'm pretty sure I only have room for three 48 inch trees. Is it better to do one 48 inch one and three 24? THe street is about 30 feet from where they will be hanging. I want to get these up soon but need to assemble them and stuck on what to do. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also of concern is the sequences. Is it gonna be tuff to cut them down to three; thinking of just buying some for this year. Cheers and thanks
  3. Would love any christmas sequence. Got 64 channels and I have zero time to learn how to do it this year. I'll be lucky if I can get the lights up. It's taking forever trying to plan where to put the boxes and how to run all the cords!. So any help on the sequences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Don Riker0007@gmail.com
  4. It says the enclosures usually ship next day. I just want to add to the residential starter package I got with three other controllers. The least expensive way so it is either ebay or the solder kit. Which way is the better way to go?
  5. Where do people get plastic enclosures that will work from? I priced them out at monoprice.com Their prices are pretty good and the ends will be factory sealed.
  6. Thanks for the response so quickly. What is a G3 controller? The ones on ebay I'm guessing are older versions also. Mostly is it a better thing to put a kit together with newer components or one that is ready to go?? On the fence here.
  7. So was gonna make my own with the diy kits. What is the difference with deluxe version and standard; only a set the id turn pot and???? Also, do these diy kits that you solder all the components on have the same ic's as the commercial ready to go ones? Does this matter? Just got my plastci version kit, with the deluxe software and usb unit packaged deal and wanted to add three more controllers via either the solder kits or just buy a used LOR1602W version off ebay is this a bad idea? I can solder just about anything and have already sourced the power cables and metal enclosures. $15 for the box and about $33 for the power cables. That's about $210 to make one in a metal enclosure vs. a little more on ebay but no soldering and they'll have a power switch and easy fuse removal; but how often is that needed? However, who knows how old they are on ebay and I think lighorama will be a little more helpful if needed by buying from them??? Does anyone have a photo of the DIY solder kit with the high amp heat syncs? Any thoughts or suggestions would be awesome. Thanks Don
  8. WOuld love a copy. Thanks Riker0007@gmail.com
  9. It would be great to also get a copy. Thanks Riker0007@gmail.com
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