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  1. I thing you'll find this will be a curse long term. Traffic equals problems . That said very very nice work !!!!
  2. Send me your email in a pm ... I've got an edited down version
  3. The ctb16 is all most will ever need. The kits are easy and save you money. Make cheaper cord with spt2 wire and vampire plugs. I used to get like 3 packs of indoor cords at the target clearance for like $.33 each .... Then turn each cord into 3 cords with 2 vampire plugs. Very cheap way to make cords .
  4. Normally it's poor factory soldering and not the jack itself .... You can reflow the jack and then so as Jeff suggests to secure it going forward and also strain relief the cat5 wires somehow
  5. Most of my controllers ... Even when I was 0% led .... And had a lot of c9's ... With power balancing planning .... Used one supply cord per controller. Just a few of 20-25 controllers required 2 cords and just barely. Those huge cords on the LOR controllers are gross overkill for most display items which are 4.5a or less each (c9) but more typically .33a for a 100ct mini or .66 for 200ct.
  6. The sad part is that i had 3 controllers stop working due to a gfci trip and it still took me a few hours to notice it as other things were still working. Once it was as megatree with a shorted out strand caused by wind whipping that broke some bulbs at the top. It would short anytime the wind made the strand whip the broken bulb into the megatree pole. A fused line would have helped a lot in narrowing this down faster (and limited scope of outage) as it took me a long time to figure out which of 48 cords on 3 controllers was causing the short. The other two controllers had power but los
  7. #1 is better, buy a kill o watt, many controllers may only need 1 power cord with a tee on the end; Load balance bigger power items; cords cost a lot. Spt2 and vampire plugs can save $$; I don't use fuses but do use gfci outlets; decision is whether a controller need 1 or 2 feed cords and most are fine with 1 personally (usually 14ga); excellent advise above !!; worst setup is centralizing controllers IMHO; I put controllers on roof also
  8. Have you tried a different port to plug into? Normally there are two. I've seen these go bad often but just use the other one instead and make it the last controller you plug in.
  9. Or stick the connection in a bag
  10. Snow usually hides mine ... For me locating conveniently next to display items to the extent possible reduces extension cord use incredibly. My goal is for every AC channel to be within 10' or less of its controller. That's the case 90+% overall. I also put controllers on the roof to service roof channels and made them DMX wireless ... Have not regretted that.
  11. I don't overtly hide mine, I just put them generally behind things, turned sideways to the street, towards the back ... Sometimes inside structures, often attached to structures or base frames or rebar in the ground. Some put them in storage containers and then wrap them as presents. I just find that's too much hassle for me. If someone wanted to steal bad enough they can. But most would have no use for these controllers, IMHO.
  12. +1 ... Most won't have the attention span ... And a big mix isn't real flexible on your side either, just simple.
  13. How about both but put the most important part first and put ~prop name~ between ~ marks so it's easy to change or omit with text editor
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