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  1. Yep Dennis that solved it. The bulb sizes look the same but apparently not. Once I raised the center contact up a bit for each of the non-working sockets they turned on. Of course, this is labor intensive since you have to keep plugging/unplugging to see if it works but I guess that is the nature of this hobby. Thanks again for the help.
  2. I have several boxes of C9 incandescent bulbs and I planned to swap the bulbs out with LEDs. After replacing them, I have noticed that 1/3 of the string does not light up. To confirm that it is not the bulbs I have swapped them out with the others on the string that are working and it seems to be the socket that is the issue. I have noticed this on 3 strands so far. Is there a reason why the existing strand will not work or is there something else I am missing?
  3. This thread was great! Two years old and still holds true. I made the same mistake of thinking I could use the standard RS-485 that came with the starter kit. Unfortunately after about an hour of trying (and ultimately reading this thread) I realized it was the adapter that was not providing power however both ELLs would receive power when plugged into the actual controller. I already placed an order and hope to get it quickly to resolve.
  4. i know i'm late but could you send to me too please? no1stunnakc@aol.com
  5. Tony, I started to do this one but I am a true newb and this is the first song I was going to try. I am only going to have 16 channels and probably dont have the hardware but when I finish it if you are still interested I will send it and you can modify to your liking.
  6. no1stunnakc@aol.com. I would love it too please and thanks in advance
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