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  1. I remember the issues you had. No fun. You are correct - I only cried for one hour. Then started counting blessings. Didn’t hit house. Didn’t hit a/c unit. Didn’t hurt lights, controllers, cords, cat5s. Just the center pole. As per the short video above, everything still was working - just on it’s side.
  2. Well - mine failed this year in 60mph straight winds. My own fault - guy wire anchors weren't all the way screwed into the ground (freakin house built on a sandstone base at 12" deep). You can seen the dirt chunks stuck to the anchors in the below pic. 1-1/4" rigid pipe. Threads cut off and used the solid steel pole-pin. 2" sleeve buried 2' deep for the pole. So I figured I really didn't even need those guy wires anyway. Boy - was I ever wrong! So rebuild : I still used 1-1/4" pipe as that's what fits the sleeve. Added 20 ft 1" pipe inside the 20' 1-1/4" pipe. Now double wall strong baby! Also, took time (that I should have first off...) and dug the anchor holes 20" deep. 1/2 bag cement in each hole. Now the house will blow away - and the mega tree will still live on!
  3. While I went to my channel to update, noticed YouTube had already changed a lot of them.
  4. Come on back to OKC. I’m buying first pot!
  5. Haha. I misunderstood your first statement. I thought you were saying the lights were just on / off - like normal strands. My bad. Like Orv & myself are discussing in another thread - we need more coffee.
  6. When I’m this tired, only thing that works is pouring the next cup over my head.
  7. Tom’s (Santas Helper) uses them too. They Sparkle about 13 seconds into. And again - must see his live!
  8. Maybe. But they “sparkle” to me. Check it out at about 37 seconds into. And in person is soo much better.
  9. Yep. That was a chapper. Eddie Bush even authorized all light heads to download his song without purchasing - just because he’s a giving person himself.
  10. However, to be clear for those of you just reading this thread, please remember the OP is using ump3g3. Those of us with the original mdmmp3 miniDirector - well - not so fast. First - 9volt not 12volt. Second - must disconnect RJ45 connection and be very careful with polarity of the power supply first. Then when you are sure, reconnect it. Third - must disconnect the internal power jumper Easier and faster to make the special cat5 cord.
  11. Well, I’m gonna go to all my old vids and mark them made for kids. As well as setting channel level. Thanks for posting this. Even my songs I loaded earlier this month were marked as not for kids. Not my target audience. I didn’t read up on it. Now after watching this - The fact that a kid might like the song convinced me. - Not worth the chance. Thanks again.
  12. However, if controllers are plugged in electrically on different circuits, the miniDirector will turn on even though power to the first hooked up controller is still timed off. The miniDirector gets power through the cat5 from nearest turned on controller. So, what LOR recommends is to make a SPECIAL cat5 cable between the first and second controller. This cable only uses the data pins - the center pair #4&5. Then controller 1 is the only one sending power to the miniDirector. I use this for my 19 controller setup. Works perfectly.
  13. We’ve been adding these to our strobe channels. Awesome. And on sale right now. https://thechristmaslightemporium.com/products/5mm-led-strobe-lights-superspark-reg-pure-white-strobe-light-string-50-bulbs-6-spacing
  14. Thanks Jr. Full disclosure - George Simmons did all the sequencing on this one. Since I copied his face, why try to reinvent the sequencing of it?
  15. Photobucket photobombed my pics over the years, but here’s how several of us made ours:
  16. Oh wow! Yep, it’s a pain for me & I only play around 15 songs a year. Couldn’t imagine the frustration of that many.
  17. And I always format the card first. Keeps ghost gremlins from showing up.
  18. When you go with el cheapo lights - that's what happens. They don't deal with the same factory every year. All lights are made in China - but there are different quality standards at the different plants. HD, Lowes, Wally World tend to go with low bidder to make their lights. So their plant choices change year to year. Even Hobby Lobby. Use the same plant they did when they sold GE brand. But using that same plant when they went private label - well their "pure white" were more blue white than when it was GE - even at the same plant...
  19. I still use S4, so might not be much help to you in S5 - I live in Mustang, OK. Whereabouts in OK are you? With a name like "sooner" - thinking you're central.... We have many users scattered about in OKLA that would be glad to help get you running.. If you are on FB - check out "Oklahoma Christmas Light Enthusiasts".
  20. Again - I don't use triggers. But the documentation says you should be able to do it. "While interactive is active, any show not associated with a trigger will run as scheduled, these shows may be interrupted by shows 1-6 being triggered."
  21. you didn't specify which director you purchased... I think you'll be ok. from the LOR manual on the G3-MP3 director: Triggered Show While interactive is active, any show not associated with a trigger will run as scheduled, these shows may be interrupted by shows 1-6 being triggered. Triggered shows do not follow scheduled times. They run when triggered. A triggered show does follow the rules for run once or run continuously. If you set a triggered show to run continuously, then you will not be able to stop it without resetting the G3-MP3 once it has been triggered. http://www1.lightorama.com/Documents/G3-MP3_Man_Web.pdf However - for your 10 second light up - I really have no idea or experience with it.... Good luck.
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