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  1. Kids are going crazy to get this to work
  2. Maybe it’s easier to buy sequences already and tweak them? Can you buy sequences for RGB lights?
  3. I have set up a sequence for 6 channels starting at Device 1 universe 1 channels 1-150 device 2 universe 2 channels 1-150 device 3 universe 3 channels 1-150 device 4 universe 4 channels 1-150 and so on Problem is they all play what device 1 is playing. How do I correct this. Each on is sequenced different but it does not seem to carry over to alpha pix controller
  4. Do I need a dongle for my alpha pix e1.31 to work with sequence editor?
  5. And in aloha pix E1.31. Is it set up as output 1 Universe1 channel1 output 2 universe 2 channel 1
  6. Another question. When setting up RGB channels do you do the following: channel 1 universe 1 circuit 123 and then for the next channel channel 2 universe 2 circuit 123 and so on
  7. How do I add as a device? Right now I’m doing it individually and that’s taking way to long. Thanks
  8. Last question i hope for this week. When i create the RGB channels, how do I do them in a series so that i don't have to configure every channel individually. example: Universe 1 circuit 1,2,3 For the next one is there to autopopulate it to Universe 1 Circuit 4,5,6 and so on.
  9. I now have my sequence converted to RGB and now want to change the color of my already created sequence. How do I do that? When I use the color fade and select a color after selecting the first 30 seconds it will play the solid color and not the sequence.
  10. Hi again, I am trying to convert a sequence to RGB. Will my sequence transfer over to RGB without making changes to my sequence?
  11. I am set up on a laptop for just this reason as well. Thanks for the help and again I'm sure I will have many more questions.
  12. Thank you all very much. I will try all of these things and will probably have many more questions.
  13. How do I make it orange again?
  14. Yes your assumptions are almost spot on. One last question. In Sequence Editor how do I change the color of the RGB's? Before I convert to RGB we have say "Orange" picked out as the color, once we convert to RGB the color selected goes away and it defaults to white.
  15. Hi, Sorry for the lack of information. I am using LOR S4.3.24 advanced (software) 48 channels from LOR controllers and two E1.31 16 outputs each controllers from Holiday Coro with smart pixels. We can make the system work but only only the first three pixels. How do we get the entire string to work and also the same color for the entire string?
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