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  1. I rebooted the computer and it seems to be working. Thanks for the help though, I appreciate any and all help!!!
  2. When I click on the Preview Design in a new or old sequence it says. There is a problem with this preview and it cannot be edited.
  3. I don't see a file with that ending...maybe this isn't the problem. Would there be another reason why I can't open a Preview?
  4. I did, I just deleted the prop and then added it as a new prop. I am still unsure what the problem was though but at least now it works.
  5. Ok. How do I change the file for the preview in the sequencer though?
  6. Once you Export as Protected, can you reverse that? My preview design will not load in any new sequence now that I have done this.
  7. I did notice that in the sequencer that the preview is not showing these lights as on...yet one set is on. I'm lost!!!
  8. I'm sorry, I don't really know what you need to know with the configuration. Its configured identical to the other CCCII's except for the fact that I made the pixels per port be 50.
  9. We are using 5 CCCII controllers with 100 count pixels on all except 1 controller is set to control 50 lights on each port. I'm about to pull my hair out though as one port on that controller won't turn on. I can test them in Hardware Utility and they turn on but when I open the Sequencer and control lights there is nothing. It all looks right to me but I'm new to Pixels and S5 (as in downloaded it a week ago.) I feel like it's something simple but apparently simple is too much for me this week. I am just wondering what I should all be checking?
  10. I got it, in prop definition I was choosing RGB Pixels instead of RGB dumb
  11. I must be missing something, when I sequence them with colour and then test them by clicking the control lights, all the floods are white.
  12. Preferences is showing Split Channels into RGB and now I am looking for channel level in grid view
  13. In S4 I sequenced my RGB floods in Sequence Editor and had them on the same network as the rest of my regular controllers. Can I do that in S5 or do they need to be on their own enhanced network? When I try to add motion effects it gives me this error: The following items have motion effects that cannot be played because they are on an LOR network that is not enhanced. Either disable controlling lights, update the Prop Definition, update Network Preferences, or remove the motion effects. When I try to sequence them they are always on white....no colour.
  14. Can I please get a copy of this? Thanks!!! wenayer@yahoo.com
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