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  1. Paul - my apologies on the delay. Had some personal matters to take care of. I responded in your Private Message. Thank you again for your patience.
  2. Yes! Both are still available. Message me for shipping estimates.
  3. There are other parts to this, including one with a network cable that goes on the inside of your controller. I was mainly referencing the gland for the use case here, which is "in the field" splicing. I do see where you come from and I understand cost is a major driver for these kinds of projects.
  4. https://www.wiredwatts.com/ennetpassi-network-pass-through-gland Have you considered getting glands?
  5. Each sphere is 10" - Red, White, and Blue are the colors we have.
  6. Unfortunately I did end up selling the 2 Gen 3s I have. Thank you for the interest though!
  7. Dave, welcome to the addiction hobby! I am selling two CTB16PCG3s for $170 a piece plus shipping. Please shoot me a message and we can figure out shipping cost. Would love to know that my first controllers are going to a forever home... lol Also if you need any help with sequencing or any technical bits, feel free to drop a line. Would be glad to pass on my knowledge. Ryan
  8. (7) LED Starlight Spheres (pictures pending) $35 per sphere (2) CTB16PCG3 Controllers $170 per controller (4) Leaping Arches (7-segment arches, pictures pending) Open to offers 300 ft of SPT-2 + hundreds more ft of pre-made extension cord with Vampire Plugs already on them. $30 (4) 19" LED Crystal White Snowflakes (Vendor doesn't make them anymore!) $25 per snowflake Thanks for reaching out and I hope this helps! We're always open to discussion on pricing. Please feel free to shoot me a message for anything. Ryan
  9. Update on inventory: (7) LED Starlight Spheres (pictures pending) (2) CTB16PCG3 Controllers (4) Leaping Arches (7-segment arches, pictures pending) 300 ft of SPT-2 + hundreds more ft of pre-made extension cord with Vampire Plugs already on them. (4) 19" LED Crystal White Snowflakes (Vendor doesn't make them anymore!) View most of these products here. Please PM me for shipping estimates! Thanks.
  10. SPT-2 Spool(s) have been sold! Still offering the following: (6) LED Starlight Spheres (4) Leaping arches (2) CTB16PCG3 (fully assembled) (4) Crystal White LED 19" Snowflakes Pictures can be found in the Google Drive folder. Thanks!
  11. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10FfGROI-Z12q72m-bwonFBBak4MS7IQZ?usp=sharing For those interested, the above Google Drive folder has images of some of the products we're selling. Please reach out if you have any questions. The folder will be updated with more pictures of other items from the list later today.
  12. CMB24Ds and Dumb RGB extension cords are sold!
  13. Please feel free to shoot me a message - would love to talk about this with you. There is some interest so I do need to honor those who put in their messages first. Will try to keep this updated for all.
  14. Responses to Godney and others have been sent. I'll send a link with pictures of items we're selling tomorrow. Thanks everyone for your messages!
  15. After an incredible upgrade to our display in 2020, we're looking to part ways with much of our prior lights and controllers. The following list are items up for grabs! If you would like to know more about a specific item, respond here or Private Message me and I'd be happy to answer all questions. (4) LED Crystal White Snowflakes (6) LED Spheres - 2 red, 2 blue, 2 white (4) Leaping arches (AC) Spools of SPT-2 Dumb RGB extension cords - various lengths (2) CMB24D Dumb RGB 12v controllers (2) LOR CTB16PCG3 Controllers Looking forward to hearing if any of y'all have an interest.
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