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  1. Even though it was really stormy and wet, and I thought I might have to cancel, Halloween Day was dry so we madly set up. We gave out 575 cotton candy cones plus candy. I wish this video focused more on the lights, but I did have 7 sequences going. The neighborhood kids wanted a more spooky theme and said I was getting too "Disney" so my theme was Movie Monsters and VIllians. We got a lot of good scares in too. My dogs took it all in stride. I put it on YouTube. Aloha! https://youtu.be/F2YsH4kJGNo
  2. JR, your face sequencing is great but Despacito is absolutely AMAZING! Thank you, Thank you so much for sharing all your hard work!
  3. SUCESS!! Thank you Orville and Alan (I read all the tutorials - whew). Anyway, the Dimmer has to be on to control any lights, so that was channel 10. So for anything with lights 10 is always on, then add channel 1 for fog and 2 for red light. A small animation sequence and it works!! Now to build the Volcano/Te Ka Goddess prop. The problem with channel 4 was on the fogger DMX address setting. It changes by itself when playing with the HU, so you always have to go back and manually change back to 1. Some kind of glich. Mahalo everyone!
  4. Hi Oliver, It's 10 channels: 1=Fog, 2= Red, 3= Green, 4=Blue 5 = Amber; 6=UV, 7= Color Macros where %/Setting 010 - 017 = Color Macro 1 and 018 - 025 = Color Macro 2, etc. 8+ Color Macro Speed; 9=Strobe 10 = Dimmer. The manual is here: https://cdn01.usedlighting.com/products/files/f577830e087f82.pdf The Unit ID, it was pre-set to E0, so I left it alone. The Fogger address is D...1. When I added the iDMX1000, it assigned 16 channels E0.01 to E0.16. I have not worked with dmx before, as you can tell, so I just thought turn on channel 1 and you get fog, add channel 2 and it adds red - NOT. I don't see anything that says Master on the fogger side, just on the counsel in HU. Any assistance is appreciated.
  5. Took the plunge for my volcano - Chauvet Geyser P4 with DMX, iDMX1000 controller set to E0, a real DMX cord (not mic cord), Pro license 4.3.24. Fogger works fine with the remote control. Button #1 = Fog + Red (last resort, I can walk around hitting the remote, but I really want it in the sequence) In HU, I can control the Master switch and everything turns on, all colors of lights and fog. Geyser manual says 1= fog, 2=red, 3=Green, etc. When I put on 1 + 2 = nothing. When I slide 4 = FOG only- HUH?? Tried all kinds of combinations. What I want is Fog + Red or Fog + Amber to look like fire! Made sure I was in the correct channels E0-E16. Called Chauvet and they were not helpful at all since they never heard of LOR and I wasn't using their controller. It was quite frustrating, really. LOR Help said to call Chauvet since it looks like an addressing problem. HU at least tells me it's communicating with the fogger, but not with the addresses I want. My short animation sequence was a bust - nothing at all worked. What am I missing? Anyone using this fogger in their show? Pic below shows "All on"
  6. I haven't found any sequences yet for any of the "Moana" songs from the soundtrack. If anyone know of any, please let me know. I'd like to purchase or have them custom sequenced before Halloween. They'd also be great for Christmas. It's such a popular theme here in Hawaii and I'd love to be able to do about 4 of the most popular songs. My ideas include a CCR Volcano (tree shaped?) with Geyser Fogger (DMX) for the eruption, singing faces, and a photo-op canoe prop with sail in the driveway (last year it was the Ghostbuster's car for photos). The songs I'm interested in are "How Far I'll go", "You're Welcome", "We Know the Way" and "Shiny". I'm still a newbie of 3 years, but can adapt most sequences to my set-up. I haven't figured out to sequence or use Superstar and haven't done a decent visualizer file - still working on that. It's a matter of time, and I know it's getting late in the game. I work full time and travel a lot for business. I've approached those I've bought sequences from, but they suggested I post here, since they are busy. If anyone is interested, please let me know. I have 4 faces, 18 CCR's, 8 Dumb, several RGB strobes, firesticks, CCP's, CCB's etc... I have a small house and yard, but get 600-800 kids each year. Here's a video of our Minion's theme. Sorry, it's kinda long. Mahalo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Fow-DD9Qy8
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