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  1. Ah....ok. Never thought of using them. Hiding the wire becomes an issue, I would think, but some white paint would fix that. Can you get those in "strings', or do you end up having to connect each one?
  2. How do you run 3 nodes p0er section? Are you saying 3 nodes act as 1 pixel as a strip would? If so, how do you accomplish this? I am thinking of replacing my strips with nodes, but to get spacing I would like (2") I would have to double the pixel count. This would mean a lot of sequence moding, and maybe even some PI. Easy answer would to have 3 nodes as one pixel, but haven't figured out a way to do that.
  3. I was going to start today. However, there was a drenching rain yesterday. Not sure how most feel about packing things up after a soaking rain, but I have taken things out the following year to find them still wet. Any thoughts on this?
  4. Thank you for the details. Very interesting.
  5. I only do Christmas because my wife would have a fit if I spent all this money on just Halloween. Christmas is big, but Halloween is the reason I started this. Better songs. Lots of metal, and rock.
  6. Is 4" spacing the norm? I'm thinking it won't look anywhere near as full?
  7. I am considering switching from strips to nodes on the house roof, windows, and doors. Currently, the strips use 3 leds for 1 pixel. This gives me a count of 28 pixels, 64 pixels, and 68 pixels along my roof. What happens when I switch to nodes? Do I still count 3 pixels as 1, or do I end up tripling the number of pixels, and resequencing for the new number? I can't imagine that 64 pixels becomes 192 pixels? I also can't imagine the spacing being as far as the length of 3 leds in a strip? That would be a lot of empty space between. I am thinking that I am overthinking this. Shouldn't be complicated, nor should it a lot of work up dating sequences. What am I missing?
  8. It gets to where none of the sequences fit your display, and you end up having to piece it together from a couple, if not several, sequences. This is where shared sequences really come in. However, doing it that way has a tendency to leave it as a less than unison display. It can effect the dynamics. It also still ends up requiring a lot of work. HS sequences have no real widow pixels, and very little to no AC channels. The Eves, and such are too short to really work with my roof line, and house outline, so that requires manipulation. Wowlights has window pixels, but the house outline is done is such a way that it doesn't really work with my layout. Then there is the Pixel tree sequence, which can be another $60. I added 2 sequences this year, and it cost me more than $220, and a weeks nights worth of work. I don't know why I have been so resistant to learn how to sequence. I did it once in SS, and damn if LOR didn't change everything the very next year, and what I had was all but useless. Kinda got discouraged. Now, with S5, I really do not want to have to put a boat load of hours into updating the old sequences, nor do I want to put a boat load of time in to learning the new software to make new sequences. However, it is at the point that I really don't have much of a choice unless I want to run the exact same show every year. I would suggest to any noobie to start out by learning how to sequence. Don't start the first year buying a bunch of sequences. Can develop laziness from all the short cuts. Buy everything after the Holidays, and take the entire year to really start learning how to do it from scratch. If I could go back, that is how I would do it.
  9. Once you get into RGB, and your display grows, your choices become very limited. There's really only a couple places to turn to, and you will learn quickly that a lot of the sequences from any one place will kinda all start to look the same, with repeated use of the same effects, and patterns. Finding sequences that fit a custom RGB layout can be frustrating, and custom sequences don't come cheap. This is my 6th year, and I am at the point where I simply have to learn to sequence myself, or just keep using the same songs every year. My only other option would be to purchase sequences with songs that aren't popular, or I myself don't like. Trust me when I say that you will be aware of when a sequence/song is not well liked. My biggest mistake has been relying on purchased sequences right from the start. I would advise spending the next year doing what I should have when I started. That being said, every time I see a post asking this question I hop on in hopes of finding a new source. Never do. Always the same 3. LOR, Holidaysequences.com, and Wowlights.com, and I haven't seen the choice of sequences expand on any of them is years.
  10. "I would like a copy sent to dcroc@verizon.net" "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share". Thank you
  11. Looking at LOR purchased sequences. What are "Motion Packs", and can they be used in S4? If so, can the be edited, and changed, to work with E1.31?
  12. Any pics? I find the price of stands from anywhere to be high for what they are. Really never much material, or fabrication involved. Someone asked me what the most expensive part of the hobby is. I answered "the accessories". First thing I learned.....PVC is your best friend.
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