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  1. I have almost this problem, but not exactly. I have a DMX unit (50 pixels strip) that I have sequenced in SE. But when I add effects in PE on other DMX devices, they "overwrite" the DMX unit from SE, even if I have made no changes to the DMX unit in PE. Any suggestions?
  2. Thank you Mike, I did: Ticket #424105 I have not tried to switch USB485 or USB-port as I do not have any more available.
  3. Thank you for your feedback. The "Control Holiday Lights Designer" is turned off. When I verify the Show, there is one errormessage that ServoDogUtility.exe is the wrong version (is but expected But I dont think that is the reason, because I had same problem last year, when LOR version 4 was not released. The show is only a show I use during daytime when there is no music, so the show is just a few minutes and loops for 12 hours. So if there was something wrong with the sequence, I would think it should stop more than once a day.
  4. Hello! At least once a day I get this error message in LOR ControlPanel. Anyone knows what it means, and how to fix it? ERROR WITH SEQUENCE (Overflow Trace: blockXmitDataTrace: FlushCBTrace: BlockCommitTrace: Add IO DeviceTrace: HandleIO) This message loops aprx 10 times per second. To make it stop, I have to Disable Show Immediately twice, before I can enable schedule again. My setup: LOR network: 1xLOR1602W, 2xCMB24D, 2xCCRAUX 1 network: 8xCCRAUX 2 network: 8xCCR AUX1&2 runds on 500.0k, Lor network I have tried many speeds, but same thing happens regardless. I have had this since I started with LOR last year, and every single day when my schedule is running.
  5. If possible I would love a copy of the song. Thank you so much for sharing! lights@sinhjemmeside.com
  6. Hi all, Halloween in Norway is not big yet. So my display is limited to only a glow in the dark SpiderWeb I bought from Spiderwebman. And 200 CCP pixels. I have made a few sequences that I want to give away for free. They are not as good as the ones Brian sells from his webpage. And if you want to modify mine, you will need to buy a sequence from Brian to get the visualization file. I am a newbie, when it comes to SuperStar, but thought maybe someone out there is in a desperate need for SpiderWeb sequences. All I ask for in return, is one of your personal made sequences if you decide to use one of mine. "Sharing is caring" in this LOR family! If you have anything to share, send them to lights@sinhjemmeside.com please. These I have made from scratch, and therefor is sharing: Thriller Adams Family Harry Potter Phantom of the opera Medley The Walking dead https://www.dropbox.com/sh/iasw1532igpwexe/AACSfs5Rx4cdbGgcPtZZc-pba?dl=0 Happy Halloween everyone! PS: I sent these to Brian two weeks ago, but he did not want to use them
  7. I would love a copy of this. Thank you for sharing! lights@sinhjemmeside.com
  8. Nice! Love your work. If it is allowed, could you please post a link to where you sell this? Thank you
  9. Great sequences. Would love a copy of these. lights@sinhjemmeside.com Thank you so much!
  10. Welcome to this world. I am a newbie myself, and had my first show this season. I have found it hard to fint lights with 220-240v that does not have a transformator. And a transformator would make it hard to dim/fade/twinkle and so on. This year I bought all my LED lights from Light-o-rama store. I have a 16 CCR tree, and that is compatible with our electricity. I also have some RGB Floods and RGB Strips. They all came with a transformator that worked in Europe. Just needed to change the plug to a EU plug. Since all my RGB lights is 12v, it works perfekt. For next year I am expanding with some white 220v items, and I plan to buy them from http://festive-lights.com, located in UK. Shipping to Norway, and Norwegian import tax is quite expensive, but at the time my only option. Talked to a big importer of christmas lights in Norway, and they will get some for me, but not until 2016. Let me know if you find any good places to buy your stuff. And dont be afraid to keep in touch or ask the Forum for help. People in here are the best people in the world.
  11. If you are sharing the audio, I would love a copy: lights@sinhjemmeside.com Thank you
  12. Love it. But don´t think I have time to put in in my show this year, but on my purchase list for next year for sure!
  13. Thank you for your positive feedback. I uploaded a video of my display. Hope you like it!
  14. Hello Would like to start of by saying thank you to so many of you in here, that has helped me understand Light-o-rama, and answered me on all my question. Also thanks to people who have shared sequences, to give me the idea of how to make sequences. A special thank goes to http://www.holidaysequences.com who have sold me all my sequences for the CCR tree. Last night I was able to power up my display for the first time. Took about 2 minutes before first neighbor came to congratulate me. Have not recorded any video yet, but here is the first picture. As a newbie, the display this year is not that big, but my house is also kind of small. I have a 16 CCR tree, 6 RGB floods and 6 dumb RGB strings. Merry Christmas Everyone
  15. I am soon done building my frame for the CCR tree. Is there special places on the ribbon I can put the zipties, or can I put them any where I want?
  16. I would love to see what you make. I have a 16CCR tree and is looking for snowfall to use after shows, but I can't get started to make my one, as I can't picture in my head what I would like it to look like.
  17. Hello! Newbie here looking for some cool christmas songs. This would be perfect for my first show ever. Could I please have a copy of your sequence? lights@sinhjemmeside.com Have someone made a CCR tree version of this?
  18. I have unchecked everything in play except "Control lights", but yet the lights stutters and freezes. I have only a 16CCR tree connected divided on AUX A and AUX B. I have not yet tried to replace the MP3 file, as I only have one of each song, but don't think the MP3 is the problem, as it happens both the songs I have bought CCR Superstar sequence. Any suggestions?
  19. I have some lights that is not dimmable. They have AC/DC adapter etc. Is there a way in the LOR Sequence editor to change a channel from Dim/Sparkling etc effects to only ON/OFF effects automatically, or do I need to do this manually? I am not lazy, but would make sure I don't make anything burst info flames by accident... So a safety function that a channel can not be other than on/off would be nice.
  20. If you still send out the sequence I would love one sent to lights@sinhjemmeside.com. Thank you
  21. I plan to build a 16 CCR tree, do you recommend one or two networks for this? Only one LOR1602W, and three CMB24D so a total of 20 controllers in my setup plans.
  22. If it is not to much trouble, I would love a copy sent to lights@sinhjemmeside.com
  23. I would love a copy of this. Thank you! mail: lights@sinhjemmeside.com
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