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  1. Lots of controllers for Sale. Also have hundreds of LED C-7s in red, green and white. One Easy Linker never used. Controllers are $175 and I pay shipping, C-7s are $0.50 ea. (min of 200/sale or you pay shipping) Easy Linker, make me an offer. Interested or questions? Leave me a message.
  2. I'm still into lights but I also am into trains. Not only the kind in your basement but the kind in your back yard that you can ride. Long story but my friend that is now 79 gets me to take groups around his 1 1/2 mike long train layout that covers most of 12 acres. This thing is so cool. We take groups and organizations around 10-15 at a time for a 30 min ride for free. Most make a donation for gas and such but everybody makes plans to return. Most trips in 1 day for me......8. Very cool....
  3. Negotiate to me means no shipping or insurance. Buy 2 and I'll give you the wooden storage box.
  4. You bet, I'm all for saving money.
  5. CTB16PC GEN3 Controllers for Sale....converting to pixels so I have my remaining collection of controllers for sale. Last year I sold 24 of them while starting my conversion and now its time to sell the remaining 18. $180 each and I pay for shipping and insurance. Add $10 and they will be shipped in the wooden box I use to store them in (while supplies last). All controllers are painted black and all work as if new.
  6. I have lots of props for sale. Go to KEVINKOLAK.COM to see them in action. Make me an offer on the 16 star bursts along the roofline, The 3 Kolak style mega trees and toppers, the star burst at the top of the tower and 2 star bursts at the cross. I'll throw in the cross to anybody that promises to light it up, (8 channel 2 colors).The star bursts are 1 channel or 8 channel or even 16 channel as you can tell by watching the videos. the Kolak style mega trees are 64 channels each to give you and idea. Everything is mini lights and I'll even throw in some spare 100ct strings in case they get dam
  7. I have 40 but selling 24 at the moment. Keep in touch if your still looking after I get organized we may do business.
  8. I will start with the V-1s for $100 and see how they go but first I have to find out how many of each that I have.
  9. OK...consider them posted on here. I'll list how many of each tomorrow or Wednesday. V1...... $100, V2...... $125, V3.......$150
  10. Thanks....is Ebay a good option?
  11. I'm going to sell my controllers (30) and wondering what the going prices are for the various versions?
  12. Thanks guys for your input. I viewed the JUMP system videos and although they are quite impressive, I eliminated about 75% of the work required to put up a 24ft (plus the topper) mega tree when compared to that system. The design I made is now almost completely fabricated but I will say it will not be cheap. Some of the comforts of my design affording the user are.....no ladders needed, no adjustments of the strands of lights needed once they are fabricated in your shop. No worries of the center pole bending and it comes down at the end of the season faster than it went up. It can go up on irr
  13. Mega My tree has a base that will support the center pole and be free standing. Guy wires will be used for safety reasons. The center pole will be 2" sch40 black iron pipe. I'm not using couplings as they are too weak. The center pole will come in 3 - 8ft sections plus an adapter for the topper. I begin fabrication of this project this week. This will actually be a prototype for a prospective buyer. If he likes it, he wants 10. I was curious as to what people think a price should be.
  14. I'm in the process of making a mega tree frame that will be 24ft high plus the topper. It will have 32 cables from the 9ft dia base to the top. The end user will have the option of using whatever lights they want and attach them to the cables. I'm contemplating having it powder coated black. I will provide the cables only no lights. Does anybody out there have an idea what a frame for a tree this size would sell for? I'm also developing an option to attach the lights at eye level and hoisting them into position at the top....for an added fee. I'm confident that 1 person will be able to stand t
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