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  1. Yes, I went directly from controller to PC and tried all the ports.
  2. The green LED on the board stops flashing when I plug the display cord back into the board..I don't know what the LED has to do with the display screen..
  3. It's weird though because the controller still has power..The LED comes on and the lights do flash for a split second when flipping the main controller on/off switch
  4. CAT5 connections seem to be fine..Any reason the display screen isn't going on?
  5. I have the LOR1602WG3 controller with the digital display on the front, 16 channel, two 15A fuses etc.. Earlier the right fuse blew and I replaced it. The unit's green LED on the board is lit and blinking periodically, which like the old units shows it is not connected to the PC yet. However, it is connected and daisy chained with the other 2 controllers so it should be recognized. Hardware utility is not finding it. Also, the digital display on the front of the controller is not coming on. Anyone help with this issue? -Controller has power -Digital display isn't coming on -Hardware utilit
  6. Thanks George, I'll check that out.
  7. Thanks for the advice. Any basic idea on how to boost the video usage as you suggested?
  8. Hi, so recently I decided to work on a few more sequences but upon trying to play the sequence, it does not want to play. The horizontal timing bar appears and just sits there at the first grid column while everything else is grayed-out. The program seems frozen until I go to exit and it asks me to save and then is no longer grayed out. What is going wrong that the sequencer is freezing and not playing? I've tried several sequences/audio files and its the same thing. Any solutions? Thanks.
  9. Thanks! I have a few in the works. Hope I can get to that one soon! www.ourlightdisplay.webs.com
  10. This is great. Hope you share the software with us when you perfect it! Would be very useful as I use Audacity to edit a lot of my audio for sequences. www.ourlightdisplay.webs.com
  11. Would also love copy: robertgallo27@gmail.com Thanks! www.ourlightdisplay.webs.com
  12. dgrant, mind if I get a copy as well? I have some sequences to offer too- robertgallo27@gmail.com Check out my stuff here: www.ourlightdisplay.webs.com Thanks!
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