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  1. I have this version if anyone is interested
  2. I use these for my c9 strobes on gutters and thick tile shingles and the ridge - extremely universal. I see they are out of stock right now but search "c9 clips" on that site and there are other options that may work for you. https://www.actionlighting.com/clip-deluxe-gutter-shingle-christmas-light-mounting-clip-for-c7-or-c9-bulbs-pack-100pc-100slaproclip/
  3. NOT meaning to brag (yes I am), but, center, 6 rows from stage - 8 tickets. wooooooooo! I have went to the concert after Christmas before and I can assure you, the magic is not lost - but extended
  4. . it has been discussed; create a video that is split screen, then use separate projectors for each of your screens you created. then you would only display the screen you want and block off or over hang the rest. This would work well with a window display because you could simply fill the window with half the projection and let the other half display on the wall where it wont be viewed and do the opposite with another window. Maybe that will give you some ideas
  5. I have a 12 row horizontal strips(12x50) and i only have one song for the fourth of July. Would like to have another 1 or 2. If any are willing to share i would appreciate it. matthewthegr8@yahoo.com
  6. I am NOT the best person to help you on this for i really don't know PE or S5 (its new), but i wanted to give you a response until someone better can chime in.... with SuperStar open and your sequence loaded; select scene mode> have color red selected (same for main start and end)>go to anywhere on you grid and hold the ctrl key and left click(select yes in the pop up)..........the entire grid field should have went red,,,,did all the pixels in your vis display light red? If so i would say the instant sequencer is not the best tool for testing, too many options (btw, the TMC is not the ribbons you were thinking in the video-"theme, motion, color" ((if memory serves))). If only the same half lit up as before then the problem is probably in the setup of your visualizer or PE. Sorry i couldn't help more, keep us posted
  7. Yup---gotta click the grid when you hold the shift! - that's what i was missing Thanks James for the that helpful hint and the PM. Doing more images this year with a new matrix so this will be handy. This is why check the forums almost daily, tricks you never realized were there. (EDIT:realized right or left mouse click will copy the color while shift is down)
  8. great! but its not working for me, what am i doing wrong? select animation effect from layer>image setup dialog box appears>pointer over color of the vis and/or the color of the grid and i hit shift and nothing happens
  9. i should have replied sooner, you can count me in
  10. I have a few answers for them,,, ”sorry, the lights are tired.” Then refer them to your website or videos
  11. I notice LOR Mon is the same as speakers. This is definitely something i will be checking into tomorrow for this could explain things! thanks Bob !
  12. Thanks Jim and over modulated is an adjective that fits but the strange thing is it has never happened before, just this year. any idea where i would find those setting?
  13. My Audio was not very good this year. I was thinking my transmitter was on the frits, until my test,,,, Amazing Grace Techno, where the bass really hits, was so distorted i had to removed it from the show. Other songs have some smaller issues with slight static with highs and lows. My transmitter and PC volume settings have been readjusted, only to wind up back where they originally were. I moved my transmitter close to my PC with 3' cable (vs the normal 50' cable), went to file manager and double clicked Amazing Grace from the audio directory ,, it opened media player (or whatever its called now),,went outside to my truck radio and it played great! I put the song back in the show, started a show on demand, went to my truck radio and it was distorted again. Any idea why playing just a song would be clear and playing it with LOR would be distorted? The only thing i did to my show player was upgrade to Window 10 this year. I will continue some trouble shooting but any ideas would great. win10, czh 05, latest S4. ~Matt
  14. agree with MPageler, all depends on what you want. CCR flat is often bigger, brighter, and shows animation better but it is hard to compare to the cool 3D effects and spirals of the pixel(ccp) tree. I have some vids on my website or go to Bryans website where you can see some of the same songs on different tree types : http://www.superstarlights.com/Sequences/Purchase.php
  15. I tore down yesterday and today---t-shirt and still sweating.
  16. You can add the new channels to the bottom of your sequence and sequence them that way. Or you can sequence it separately and add it useing “sub sequence”
  17. Just got home! Fantastic as always! 8 of us went. 5 were first timers, 3 of us have been there 5 times. My parents went as first timers and were “shocked and amazed.”! we got a new drummer and he is awesome! tom is 100% correct there are a few vids out of 2017, one very popular one shows the show ending so be careful. Like Tom, The videos did not ruin anything for me.
  18. When you say longer runs acting up, do you mean controller to first pixel or pixel to pixel? Because like k6ccc said, the differences of lengths you can use can be massive. Example: I have runs of 50’ with 22g from controller to first pixel but I can only go 9’ between pixels without using null pixels.
  19. I haven’t had problems with PB yet other than forgetting how to use it. I don’t post a lot of pics and I’m probably not using it correctly but it would sure be nice to use something that is a little more friendly
  20. So lasts about the same as an apple iphon cable
  21. https://www.lybae.com/products/merry-christmas-charger
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