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  1. Hello all, yes, I am still lurking around... I have only one 4th of July sequence I play every year (armed forces melody, 13 row). Would love to have another one or two to add. I run e131 but can easily convert a CCR sequence. My last sequence I got from the good people at HS but seems they only offer 24 row matrix now. I am using S4 with no plans to jump to S5 this year. Any help will appreciated - thanks! matthewthegr8@yahoo.com
  2. Are your RGB ones LOR Network? what is the speed of your network?
  3. HEY TSO FANS, All of us at Team TSO and Hallmark Home & Family have a special surprise for you... For the first time ever, you can catch a glimpse behind the famous Trans-Siberian Orchestra curtains before they rise at our first show this week! Tune into @HomeandFamilyShow on the Hallmark Channel on Wednesday, November 13th at 10 AM Local Time (9 AM CST) for a special sneak-peek of the all-new Christmas Eve and Other Stories live production!
  4. Just because something is in S5 does not mean it did not previously exist in S4. I thought that maybe I was missing something. Thanks for clearing that up.
  5. ill need to check that out also, kc66,,is that a s5 thing? ,i just have a string of lights that come on representing ,my strobes, like @bdwillie.
  6. Buy a bigger monitor jk Default is right but if your field is cluttered with other effect, you can try grouping them.
  7. I am wanting to do old town road. I particularly like the way WOTE did it. I am also planning to create a montage of Fortnite emote songs and dances. I see kids at my sons school doing these dances all the time. Should be a hit.
  8. total HD failure. I never put a great deal of effort into backing up but with all the work I put into sequencing and vis files, and the heart breaking stories of people losing all their work I have read on this forum, I backed everything up 3 different ways. With my repaired computer back in my hands, I began to reinstall my programs. LOR made it soooo easy and with the new speed of my comp I was done in seconds. Opened my cloud drive and BAMMM - all my lms, sup, vis, and audio where there safe and sound. I shed a tear. I thought I would share a happy ending story since we always seem to hear of the bad one where all is lost. People: if it happened to me it could happen to you. get a cloud drive, thumb drive, ext HD, email your sequences to yourself - whatever, MAKE COPIES!
  9. sorry for the slow reply - 5 meters
  10. My flat tree is 12 ribbons and I believe I used 7” spacing at the bottom.
  11. sent! sorry it took so long - enjoy EDIT -SORRY, I ONLY SENT THE AUDIO WILL RE SEND
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