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  1. k6ccc, Thanks for your quick response last night. I tried the power cycle and unfortunately it did not work. Magic smoke must be in my Christmas stocking this year. As you mentioned, I went out and purchased the USB to Ethernet adapter this morning. I had to disabled and removed the IP address and Subnet mask from the Realtek Ethernet settings, installed the adapter, updated the IP address and Subnet mask code for the adapter, and SUCCESS. I have also added color identification for my LOR cable. Thank you so much for your assistance and direction. I wish you and your famil
  2. Hello folks, I need some help. Everything has been working great since Thanksgiving. Tonight I accidently swapped my LOR Cat5 cable into my computer Ethernet port for E131. I have 4.2.12 Advanced, Windows 8 laptop with Realtek ether port into a Netgear PROSafe 5 port Ethernet switch, and 4 HolidayCoro AlphaPix 4 controllers. LOR side is working properly, but the E131 does not show any data coming out of the laptop. I have tested the Realtek ether port through the "diagnosis this connect" with the results of "Network cable disconnected". I also checked the updates on the Realtek driv
  3. Jim, I really appreciate your quick response. I will drain them out and hope for the best. What a pain pulling down the tree to waterproof the top, but I guess that's part of the madness. Thanks again and Merry Christmas. Brian
  4. All, I have 2 mega trees with HC pixel strips in waterproof silicone tubes with pre-attached waterproof connectors. 4 of the strips are holding water in the bottom and there are some random lights staying on that are submerged in water. Apparently there are some upper sections that are not as waterproof as it should be or sold as. Should I cut a small slit or drill a small hole in the bottom of the silicone tube to drain it? Will the lights work properly after removing the water? What is the best practice? Thanks in advance. Brian
  5. BMurray, Finally got a day without rain. Changed the IP address and everything worked correctly. Thanks for your help. A very Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thanks again. Brian
  6. BMurray, Make sense to me. I am currently set up in Network Preferences with no adapter and Raw DMX. I just shut down my show for the night and will be out of town until Friday. I will reset to the E1.31 network when I return. I am really excited and hope this works. I appreciate your input and assistance. I'll keep you updated after I make the changes. Thanks so much again. Brian
  7. Thanks for the response. I reset the dip switch to 100000000 rechecked all the settings (AlphaPix is set to Universe 14 "enabled" and Network Preferences set to Universe 14 in LOR "Raw DMX"), the sequence editor RGB light settings are set to DMX, Universe 14, starting channel 1. Tested the lights, same result. Still getting the blinking red light on the dumb controller stating it is receiving data, but no lights. Is there anything else you can think of that I might check? Thanks, Brian
  8. Thanks for your quick response. I will check it again tomorrow.
  9. I have ran into an issue that is probably simple to fix, but I have ran out answers or tests to make it right. Last year I ran 4 LOR controllers, 1-AlphaPix 4 with a HC 27-channel dumb controller wired into the AlphaPix RJ45 adapter. Had no issues, everything worked fine. This year I added 3 more AlphaPix controllers and I changed the DMX universe for the dumb controller from 6 to 14. I am running a total of 16 universes 1-16 I have everything hooked up and the dumb controller is not responding to sequences. I updated the LOR Network Preferences to the new Universe (adapter NONE, Pro
  10. Wayne, You cannot use the same ID on 2 controllers. You can do all the things you mentioned without hurting the controller, but you have to add another ID and daisy chain the controllers together. Don't forget to update the Unit ID in the Sequence Editor. Hope this helps.
  11. Go to the LOR website and look under Lights. You will find the information you are looking for under Dumb Pixel and Smart Pixel "What are they?". Pixels open a whole new world to the user. More complicated and expensive, but a blast to use and exciting to see. Any color in the rainbow. Hope this helps and good luck with your new hobby.
  12. Your inquiry is a little misleading. If you are looking for a power supply, LOR sells them. If you are looking for a CMB controller and a power supply mounting board, HolidayCoro sells them. http://www.holidaycoro.com/Light-O-Rama-LOR-CMB24D-Mounting-Kit-p/641-kit1.htm 350w PS + LOR CMB24D (V6) to CableGuard CG-1500 Mounting Kit (Base Mount) Hope this helps.
  13. Jim, Could you send me the DMX mega tree prop also? bdietrich002@icloud.com Thanks in advance.
  14. Good Job. Looks great. I guess it's time to start for next Christmas.
  15. BobO, You are always there to help. Thanks for all you do.
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