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  1. Would love a copy please.. mphaddoxjunk@bellsouth.net
  2. Id love a copy.. Please.. mphaddoxjunk@bellsouth.net Thanks
  3. There saying Thunder... Hey would you be willing to share this sequence? Im looking at doing this song for Halloween with my Flame Projector. Thanks mphaddoxjunk@bellsouth.net
  4. I will be there... Can't wait!!!! Thanks for hosting Doug..
  5. I'll take a copy please.. Michael@haddoxfamilylights.me
  6. Like a copy of each please.. Thanks for sharing.. Michael@haddoxfamilylights.me
  7. I would love a copy.. Thanks for sharing Michael@haddoxfamilylights.me
  8. I would also love a copy.. Thanks Michael@haddoxfamilylights.me
  9. Would love a copy as well.. Michael@haddoxfamilylights.me
  10. I would love a copy of all of them.. Thanks for sharing Michael@haddoxfamilylights.me
  11. Sounds like the breaker is tripping due to an element... When it's wet outside I have 2 trees causing the my tripping. I believe I have identified the 2 culprits... Is it only tripping when you plug the LOR controller in? If so I would narrow down to what element or channel is causing the problem, by disconnecting it. If it's a metal element it could be shorting the circuit. If it's tripping due to over loading the circuit, I would plug it in to a differnt circuit for testing to help identify the culprit.
  12. Why I want todo this. Is it fixes a quick problem. I want to control the power to the 12v power supply which powers the rgb lights. So k6ccc to answer your question your 2nd thought is what in trying to do. I have a jsys1 d2 and it loses connection to the dumb rgb control board. If I unplug the unit it reset everything and the j1sys reconnects to the board and works. It seems as long as I have signal going to the board I don't have an issue. As soon as signal stops after a period it loses connection again. With that said does anyone have a better option for me?
  13. Is it possible to use a lor 16 channel controller to power a dumb rgb 12v power supply? To run rgb floods? Or would it pull to much power. Thanks guys
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