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  1. Most of my show is Christmas music (some traditional, some not-so-traditional) but I also add a non-Christmas song/mashup each year (usually suggested by my wife and/or kids). If you're going to invest the time/money/effort into putting a show like this one I think its fine to sequence the music you want to see. While I tell everyone I'm doing it for the kids... deep-down, I do it cause I like it myself. That being said, my kids like Radioguy's show more than our own.
  2. Quick question. What’s the best method/glue for attaching pixel strips to PVC? I used zip ties this past season but they tended to move over time and looked sloppy. Not to mention, they pinch the rubber sleeve so I’m worried about getting holes in them. Thanks.
  3. My very first year I used one altered sequence to to get me started (..2012?). Since then though everything has been original. I'm as lazy as the next guy (and I'm sure I'll get a ton of blowback) but I honestly think much of the sequencing out there is hot garbage. Don't even get me started on purchased/shared pixel tree sequences. I've started using pixels this year and I've decided to forgo the pixel editor as I can't stand seeing the same 5-10 effects I see on every other display. Like George said, the beat wizard is the #1 tool in the toolbox. If you can figure out the beat wizard you're more than 50% of the way there.
  4. ...when you can listen to Bjork instead! I try to do a non-Christmas song each year. I used to listen to this in the 90s so I assume the kids still think its cool
  5. My first video for 2016 (who doesn't love the Ray Conniff Singers?). This is one of my favorite Christmas songs of all time so I've been waiting 3 years to do it justice. For those that know the song, it builds slowly to a dramatic end. Enjoy!
  6. I got all the controllers in, the mini-trees, the mini-mega tress, plus all the tree lights in. About 60% I think. Still have the 3 spiral trees and the house. Cold predicted all weekend so it will be a while before the rest comes down.
  7. Easy answer, no. For the RGB controller you're setting the initial RGB channel (so 1 in your case). If you had a second RGB controller, you would set the address as 28 (27 previous channels are used with the first controller). You can use this site to figure out future settings. http://www.holidaycoro.com/kb_results.asp?ID=88 This initial address is set via the dip switches on the RGB board itself. It is completely independent of your LOR controller ids. For your first RGB board, just flip the first dip switch on and all the others off. If you got the Actidongle from HC, its best to think of your RGB network completely apart from your LOR network. You can have an LOR controller with an id of '1' and also have an RGB controller with a starting channel of '1'.
  8. They look awesome. How did you build them? I've never seen anything like them before. Are they using dumb rgb inside? Thanks.
  9. Watch these videos I was able to get it up and running using them last year. They both go through it step by step.
  10. I don't use the lan so I'm not sure how that would work. I started in Rgb last year and went with the dongle as it seemed the most straight forward.
  11. I have the entec dmx dongle from HC. http://www.holidaycoro.com/Enttec-Pro-Compatible-DMX-Dongle-p/53.htm So once you get that you'll have both coming out of separate USB ports from your laptop. Laptop-->usb-->entec-->cat5-->dmx controller (for your rgb network) Laptop-->usb-->rs485-->cat5-->lor controllers (for your lor network). It's a single laptop using two use ports. There was a document somewhere online that helped me a lot. I'll try to dig it up tonight.
  12. It won't. You'll essentially be running two networks out of your laptop. One will be the rs485 for your lor controllers. The other will be usb into the entec dmx dongle and on to your HC rgb controllers. There is also some universe setup, but it's not super complex. Make sure your HC controllers have the proper dip switches set for their starting channel. For me it's 1, 28 and 55... 27 each Let me know if you have any other questions.
  13. Looks great. Mind if I ask where you got the image for the movie rating screen in the beginning? I created a preview video for my show but though it would be cool to add that rating screen. Thanks.
  14. Simply looking at it, I think the geometry of the tree is a bit different than some you've seen online. The base of your tree seems very wide in proportion to the overall height of the tree. I have an 11' tree and I don't think the base is that wide. I could be wrong too, pictures can be deceiving. That was my first impression upon seeing the picture though. All-in-all it looks well built. I think once you add the other 8 channels it will look fine. To fill it out this year I'd do something like 1983ss454 said and use a single LOR channel to fire the lights on 2 of the tree channels. Next year then you just have to plus them into their new controller outputs and 'voila', 16 channel tree.
  15. When I started 3 years ago I heeded the words of my elders and started using a master track right away. Up until this point I have not had to change it. This year I want to swap two channels from one controller to two channels on another controller (2 for 2 even swap). The master track works awesome, I change it once and it alters all my other tracks. Two followup questions. 1) Because my controllers are listed in sequential order in my master track, should I then drag-and-drop the swapped channels so the controllers and channels are still in sequential order?... or should I just leave them where they now stand? 2) I saved the new configuration. I'm finding that I now need to import this new configuration into each of my sequences... is this correct? Thanks for the help.
  16. I'm not sure if its the same issue, but last year (after I have switched to my "new"/old computer) I had an issue where the sound was fine via headphones, output speakers, etc., except when it was being transmitted. I too thought it was an RF issue so I tried moving the transmitter further away, etc., but I would still get this static when I would listen on my car's radios. For me, it turned out to be a SoundlBlaster setting for 'bass boost' that was distorting the sound when I would output the sound to the FM transmitter. I turned off all these specialized sound settings on my laptop and voila, it transmitted crystal clear. Like I said, your issue sounds a bit different, but I figured I'd post my calamity and solution in case your leads with AC hum dry up.
  17. I don't have any 'slow' songs persay, but I do have classic and more modern songs. For my show, I try to alternate between these classics (Burl Ives, Andy Williams, Ray Conniff Singers, etc.) and my more modern songs (THX dubstep, Feliz Navidub, He's a Pirate, It's Oh So Quiet, Wizards in Winter, etc.). Call me old fashioned, but I still like to end with Wizards in Winter.
  18. That looks good too. I have C9s trimming my house so if/when I go to pixels I'd go with the bigger bulbs like you as opposed to the more dense strips. Good job.
  19. Very awesome man. In a day of pixel-this and ccr-that it is very awesome to see that bad-ass display props are still being built.
  20. Hey James, Wondering if I could get a copy of this one? jerod_kruszka@hotmail.com THanks.
  21. I have 9 RGB snowflakes hanging on the side of my house. Instead of PVC hanging from the eave/roof, I installed two large eye screws to the trim underneath my soffit. From there, each snowflake is mounted to a small 1X2 frame with hooks (green pieces in picture). The frames are then hung from each other via white plastic chain. Sort of like a rope ladder. I then start from the top and install each snowflake by hooking it onto the frame above it via the white plastic chain. If you're interested I can snap some closer pics of the hardware, etc tonight. I don't have them on the house yet.
  22. I believe there was a part II for that video in which he makes a second collapsible version. In the description I think he links to documents on all the measurements. Essentially its just as Jaynee said though, just don't glue the side rails into the top, middle and bottom rings. You're left with three flat(ish) rings and 16 pvc pipes. I've made three of them this way now (I've also built folding wood platforms to keep them up and out of the snow too ~18").
  23. I'll try the white lithium. I have them supported with wires and tie downs to negate the wind... its just pulling them apart after the season. I did use the hammer to the edge of the piece and I was able to knock it off. Not sure why I didn't think of that before. Thanks.
  24. I'll try this tonight. Not sure why I didn't think of that before. Nothing like going through the effort of taking it down two weeks before setting it up again! I'll try sanding the ends tonight as well Thanks guys.
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