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  1. Most of my show is Christmas music (some traditional, some not-so-traditional) but I also add a non-Christmas song/mashup each year (usually suggested by my wife and/or kids). If you're going to invest the time/money/effort into putting a show like this one I think its fine to sequence the music you want to see. While I tell everyone I'm doing it for the kids... deep-down, I do it cause I like it myself. That being said, my kids like Radioguy's show more than our own.
  2. Quick question. What’s the best method/glue for attaching pixel strips to PVC? I used zip ties this past season but they tended to move over time and looked sloppy. Not to mention, they pinch the rubber sleeve so I’m worried about getting holes in them. Thanks.
  3. My very first year I used one altered sequence to to get me started (..2012?). Since then though everything has been original. I'm as lazy as the next guy (and I'm sure I'll get a ton of blowback) but I honestly think much of the sequencing out there is hot garbage. Don't even get me started on purchased/shared pixel tree sequences. I've started using pixels this year and I've decided to forgo the pixel editor as I can't stand seeing the same 5-10 effects I see on every other display. Like George said, the beat wizard is the #1 tool in the toolbox. If you can figure out the beat
  4. Hey James, Wondering if I could get a copy of this one? jerod_kruszka@hotmail.com THanks.
  5. I have 9 RGB snowflakes hanging on the side of my house. Instead of PVC hanging from the eave/roof, I installed two large eye screws to the trim underneath my soffit. From there, each snowflake is mounted to a small 1X2 frame with hooks (green pieces in picture). The frames are then hung from each other via white plastic chain. Sort of like a rope ladder. I then start from the top and install each snowflake by hooking it onto the frame above it via the white plastic chain. If you're interested I can snap some closer pics of the hardware, etc tonight. I don't have them on the
  6. If you're installing hard frames to your house (eaves/window frames), start from the top and work down. Dropping a 2nd story window frame onto an installed 1st floor window frame will leave you with 2 shattered window frames (instead of 1). Not that I know from experience... it was my friends, cousins, sisters brother-in-law... yeah...
  7. I got this from Nick last season and edited it to fit my display (Thanks again Nick). An awesome sequence all around (the older generation wasn't too sure about it at first). Here's what it looked like modified to fit my house.
  8. If its not too late, I'd love a copy too. jerod_kruszka@hotmail.com Thanks.
  9. I know this is an old/dead topic... any chance I could get a copy of this sequence? Its one of my favorite Christmas songs. Thanks. jerod_kruszka@hotmail.com
  10. This may be an old post, but could I get a copy too? jerod_kruszka@hotmail.com Thanks.
  11. I'll take a copy too. Thanks. jerod_kruszka@hotmail.com
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