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  1. I had the almost the exact same problem this year myself. I had never used background sequences before but added one this year. Normally I always run verifier against the show & schedule but forgot to and started pulling my hair out when I had one channel that all of the sudden didn't work. I'm glad you found it and that it's an easy fix.
  2. You said all of your sequences have video. How large are the video files? I'm just wondering if you're running into some type of memory error between the video, standard channels (if you have any), and the pixels. I would still upgrade to 4.4.14 as the first thing to do in trying to resolve this.
  3. Did you run the Verifier for just the sequence or for the entire show/schedule? I would make sure to run it against the show and/or schedule.
  4. Are there any messages in the Control Panel when the sequences crash? Also what do you mean when you say they crash. Do the sequences not play at all, start playing and stop, etc. A couple of things to try would be to upgrade to 4.4.14. I would also try resaving your intensity data file just in case they somehow got corrupted.
  5. Which software version are you running? Your message says 4.4.10, but your profile says 5.3.6. I would start by making sure you're at the highest software level you can get to and/or do a license renewal (if you need) to get to the absolute latest version level. You also reference RGB controllers but also mention intensity warnings from the Verifier (which would suggest you're actually running pixels). If you could please provide additional clarity that will help. 🙂
  6. Have you tried replacing the cat5 cables to/from this controller? If it's dropping out I would suspect you have one or more bad/marginal cat5 cables.
  7. I have 4 of these that I put out in my yard: Amazon.com: Dual Electronics LU43PB 3-Way High Performance Outdoor Indoor Speakers with Powerful Bass | Effortless Mounting Swivel Brackets | All Weather Resistance | Expansive Stereo Sound Coverage | Sold in Pairs: Home Audio & Theater 6 years of rain/snow/wind/sun and they still look and sound as good as new.
  8. You said you updated the 485 driver. What did you use to updated it (and to what)? I can remember some older issues where using the wrong Com driver caused issues with LOR. On my system I'm using the FTDI driver dated 8/16/2017 v2.12.28.0 You might also want to get a trouble ticket started with LOR as well if you're still having problems after checking Phil's and my suggestions.
  9. Couple of things to try: Do a factory reset on the CBM24D. I've had (and still do have) issues with CMB24D's not correctly reading their unit id from the DIP switches. Sometimes resetting the power (and/or doing a factory reset) gets it to respond correctly again. I would also double check your cable to the controller. You could have had a critter take a bite out of it. It's also amazing how easily & quickly the cabling can fail and/or degrade and cause issues even without signs of visible damage (see my video on the dangers of using CCA Cable)
  10. Try running the LOR Verifier against your show and schedule. That should tell you if you've got any channel conflicts or other errors. I made the same mistake this year (channel conflict) when I added my matrix.
  11. LOR has been very kind, however, about updating someone's license count if they technically run out of licenses just because they are moving/replacing computers. If you're hitting the limit because of PC replacements, open a help desk ticket with LOR explaining the situation and they may work with you.
  12. Most people use Cat5e as there's no real reason to spend more for Cat 6 (unless you are running a lot of pixels over E1.31 - then it may make sense to use Cat 6 for that). Another thing to watch out for is that your cables are made of pure copper wire and not CCA (copper covered aluminum). I recently found our the hard way the problems CCA wire can cause. If you're making your own cables, I would highly recommend using an outdoor rated Cat5 cable to connect your controllers. I just switched all of my control cables this year as I was having problems with lags and controllers dropping o
  13. Mine starts tonight. During the day I play music over my station and yard speakers, and that started up perfectly this morning at 7. Now I just need to setup the show schedule in LOR and I'll be all set!
  14. If your sequences are small (in size) then you should be fine using uncompressed and loading them as needed. If your sequences are larger and/or you start to see lags between when one sequence ends and the next one starts, then I would go back to using compressed sequences and loading them all at the beginning. Another thing (and I don't know why I didn't think of this before) is to run the LOR Verifier against both the sequences and the entire show. That may also point out any issues.
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