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  1. Hi all! Any help would be fantastic! I do a big Halloween display, and a portion of it is a light show. I currently run 4 LOR controllers. Looking to upgrade to around 6 or 7 for this coming Halloween. Anyways, I currently use a laptop to run the show. I have an MP4 file attached to the sequence, so when the lights are going, it is synchronized to music as well as a video. I would like to get a ShowTime director, but they’re all advertised as MP3. Is there an option to control video as well? Or do they make a director that has that ability? Follow up question. If not, i
  2. godman, thanks for the tip about the kill-o-watt, I just looked it up on e-bay and I'll be sure to buy one! Thanks again!
  3. Thanks To Everyone (I Know, I Know Only Three People Have Responded) For Your Comments. I Have Been Doing A (A Meaning Two, I Do One At My Ggrandmother's House) Big Christmas Display For Around 8 Years Now (Without LOR) And Am Currently Running Around 20,000 Lights, Along With 6 Or So Airblowns And A Handful Of Blow Molds. We Are Coming Close To Pushing The Limit On What We Can Put On Our Place (Power Wise). We Are Building A New Home In The Spring, And We Are Having Them Put 9 Outdoor Outlets On The House Each With It's Own Breaker, So I Think That Will Handle It (Hopefully!). I Am A Sucke
  4. These Are Photos Of My Christmas Display Plans I Hope And Plan To Have This Up And Going By Christmas Of 2015. Everything In The Display Will Be Red, Green, And Blue, The Arches Will Be Clear And The Light Poles/Trees (Labeled LP1 And LP2 In The Plans) Will Have Clear Trunks Wrapped Like The Arches And Will Jump Like Arches. The Branches On The Light Poles Will Be Red, Green And Blue. The Snowflake On The Mega Tree Will Be Clear As Well. I Estimate There Will Be Right Around 55,000 Lights In The Display And All Them Will Be Mini Incandescent Lights. I Have Almost All Of My Lights (45,00
  5. So, If I Buy A Brand New Card, And Assemble It, It Should Just Act As The Others, Correct?
  6. If I Buy The CMB16D-QC Card, Buy 16 Female Quick Connect Cords, And Buy 2 Male Quick Connect Cords, And An Enclosure, Mount The Card In The Enclosure , Then Plug All Of The Cords In The Card Where They Belong, And Plug A Cat5 Cable Into The Card And Run It To My Computer, Then Put It Out In My Display. Will It Be Able To Play My Sequences With Out Doing Anything Else To It? I Bought Some Used CMB16D-QC Cards On E-Bay, And Assembled Them Correctly, But When I Plugged The Controller In, The Lights Immediately Turned On Without My Computer Telling Them To Do So, And When I Tried To Run My Sequ
  7. Hi! If I Buy A CMB16D-QC Card For $100, And Buy 16 Quick-Connect Female Cords And Two Quick-Connect Male Cords, Assemble It And Mount It In An Enclosure, Will It Work The Same As A Pre-Assembled 16 Channel Controller? Thanks!!
  8. I Have Two CMB16D-QC Cards For Sale, They Were Used (Not By Me But By Who I Bought Them From) And As Far As I Know They Work, I Just Don't Need Them. I Am Looking For Around $80 Each Plus Shipping Which Should Be Around $10 For One Or $15 For Two. If Interested PM Me. Thanks!
  9. I Connect The 100' Cat5 And To My Controller, Then Connect It (The Cat5) To The RS485 And Then To The Usb Cord And Into My Computer. I Think This Is Right, But Maybe Not, I'm Newer, Although I Thought I New Enough To Get This Working
  10. The Led's Don't Light On The Board At All As Far As I Know. I Tried Again With The Other Board And It Did The Same Thing (I Bought Two)
  11. Yes, It Is A 16 Channel Card, I'll Try What You Said. Ps Cute Beagle:)
  12. Maybe I Started Backwards, It Hasn't Worked At All (I Bought It Used And Supposedly Working).
  13. I Just Tried, It Didn't Work, Maybe Swap The Positives/Negatives?
  14. I Have It Set To 01 And It Searches For F0, Which I Think Is When It Searches All Of Them.
  15. Hi! I Bought A CMB16D-QC And I Set It Up, But When I Plug It In The Lights Turn Steady On And The Hardware Utility Cannot Locate It (The Card). Opinions?
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