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  1. Agree that documentation may state only 100 pixels per port but you can run 170 per port on any Pixie. I did it in several locations this year with no issues.
  2. Been running S5 for 2 years no issues.
  3. Live in Illinois. I just cover all controllers with heavy duty black plastic bag, seal up tight with zip ties and no issues for 8 years. Of course, I am not worried about any elevated temperature issues that time of the year.
  4. Doing RUSH Spirit Of Radio for next years show......wish me luck!
  5. Can someone please explain how the "subgroups" in the Boscoyo Spinner are auto created when using this prop. I like it and want to create my own similar subgroups for my Boscoyo 24" hex flakes and Boscoyo 36" 3 prong fancy shapes. When the forementioned props are imported, there are no subgroups. Want to know how to add them. BOSCOYO SPINNER PROP1A.docx
  6. The LOR help desk is at a loss. They suggested I replace my director. I will, but dont think that is the issue. My show ran ever night for 15 days in a row. Then one night at 5:10 it stops and 2 nights later at 7:17 it stops. Reset power both times and all is well. Has not happened again for the last three nights. Not temperature related. Director is outside, but thats why I have it. Believe it must be a firmware issue or power supply issue. Thoughts? No big deal as only running 3 more nights! But, next year.......
  7. My arches are exactly what Matt Johnson did. Love them. Had them for 4 years.....only CCR that has lasted.....since is covered in 2" McMaster Carr polyethene tubing.
  8. NOTHING. I got yelled at this year for adding. I will wait one year. Just going to move around some existing props for next year.
  9. outline the entire roof with pixels and add a couple boscoyo pixel flakes.
  10. I have 3. Use one for custom stars across garage roof, one for coro trees and one for floods,
  11. I just now started experiencing the same lock up issue. G4-MP3 ran awesome for three weeks. Just now and two nights ago, it just stops and appears to display the time it stopped on the director screen. I cycle power, and all is well. Have a ticket in help desk. Please advise. Thanks
  12. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm6LIwfPJ_s5jX_XVH0r3sw
  13. Using S5 and have some "dummy" props in sequence that I plan to use in the future. They are sequenced, but all put on AuxB network. They are not configured as unassigned, as some of the prop is being used. Thus, I have part of the props channels on Reg network and part of the props (dummy) section on AuxB. I am using only Reg and AuxA network for my show. Question is will I have any issues with playback since I have props sequenced with channels configured for AuxB, but AuxB not setup in my Network Configuration? Will there be any speed issues with playback? Only
  14. I use pixel nets from HC for my 4 columns. Hang from top and bungee around columns. 5 years and no issues.
  15. Some are good. Some are bad. The worst was "Disco Santa" I did for a customer a few years ago. It drove me crazy. Had to sequence during the morning so my head was clear before I went to bed. My favorite was "Imperial March".
  16. "I would like a copy sent to colley.christmas@gmail.com" Could I also get the singing christmas tree (singing pumpkins) from JR? "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share". Thanks much!
  17. Could be with a ton of motion effects on a lot of props and groups ...........and previews all set to hi-res. No big deal, just gotta wait.
  18. Windows 10 Pro 12GB Ram 3.40 GHz CPU Solid State HD 1TB
  19. I am referring to the time it takes to just open a sequence.
  20. Should it take 23 seconds to load a sequence in S5 at a file size of 10.2 meg? Using LOR V5.4.2 Pro. Just curious.
  21. I am doing the same thing with my matrix. Would be a nice change to reduce the amount of hours I have already spent doing it manually.
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