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  1. The issue was that the G4-MP3 ran perfectly for about 1 month. Then randomly it would "freeze" up. Show playing would stop and G4-MP3 would display time "frozen". Then just cycle power and all is good again. This happened at three random times and is NOT weather temperature related. Kinda difficult to simulate issue. If others have a way to do that, let me know. As at the current time I am looking to showtime NEXT YEAR to see if the new director solves the issue. It would be sweet if there is a device out there that can send me a text if lights are frozen and then I can send a text b
  2. Problem is I wont know until I run my show again in 10 months!
  3. Received my new G4-MP3 controller today. Sent the old one back. Time will tell if this fixes the issue.
  4. LOR is sending me a new G4-MP3 Director. Hope that solves the issue.
  5. Thanks much! Will test as I have 6 other locations that require the same setup. Actually, doing a gazebo in my hometown square downtown. Should be pretty sweet. Thanks again.
  6. Next year I am working on a project that requires props at different locations. I am using a Pixcon16 controller set at 30% intensity. Pixels are 12vdc. My path of pixels is as follows: Pixcon16>12' pigtail>42 pixels@ 4" spacing>3' pigtail>41 pixels @ 4" spacing>3.5' pigtail>37 pixels @ 4" spacing>3.5' pigtail>48 pixels @ 4" spacing. Total 168 pixels. Will I have any data issues with this run? Or power injection problems? I can use F-amps if needed. Please advise. Thanks
  7. Agree that documentation may state only 100 pixels per port but you can run 170 per port on any Pixie. I did it in several locations this year with no issues.
  8. Been running S5 for 2 years no issues.
  9. Live in Illinois. I just cover all controllers with heavy duty black plastic bag, seal up tight with zip ties and no issues for 8 years. Of course, I am not worried about any elevated temperature issues that time of the year.
  10. Doing RUSH Spirit Of Radio for next years show......wish me luck!
  11. Can someone please explain how the "subgroups" in the Boscoyo Spinner are auto created when using this prop. I like it and want to create my own similar subgroups for my Boscoyo 24" hex flakes and Boscoyo 36" 3 prong fancy shapes. When the forementioned props are imported, there are no subgroups. Want to know how to add them. BOSCOYO SPINNER PROP1A.docx
  12. The LOR help desk is at a loss. They suggested I replace my director. I will, but dont think that is the issue. My show ran ever night for 15 days in a row. Then one night at 5:10 it stops and 2 nights later at 7:17 it stops. Reset power both times and all is well. Has not happened again for the last three nights. Not temperature related. Director is outside, but thats why I have it. Believe it must be a firmware issue or power supply issue. Thoughts? No big deal as only running 3 more nights! But, next year.......
  13. My arches are exactly what Matt Johnson did. Love them. Had them for 4 years.....only CCR that has lasted.....since is covered in 2" McMaster Carr polyethene tubing.
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