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  1. I use dimming curve for my Pixie controllers and set the intensity on my Pixcon16s. 30%
  2. LOR replaced my director and all is good. May have not been temperature related at all. Glad show is running now.
  3. My temperature data logger shows a peak of 118 degrees F. in control box. I assume that is excessive. I plan to relocate components to larger box with vent and out of sun.
  4. I am going to relocate all components to a large vented bud box and locate out of the direct sunlight. I currently have temperature datalogger logging temperatures every 2 minutes (placed this inside the original closed box). I will look at temp data today to see how hot the current box got.
  5. The director is powered by a small 12vdc 500ma supply as cannot get power from Pixie8. So I have a director, main power supply for pixie8, small plug in power supply for director and Pixie8 in a small box in direct sunlight. I will place a temperature data logger in the box and monitor. Thanks.
  6. An update. Issue may be temperature as the show did run early in the morning correctly. Anyone know the operating temperature range for a director? I have the director/12v power supply and pixie8 all in a small enclosure directly in the sun. Thanks
  7. Have a N2-G4-MP3 director running just a pixie8. Used LOR Hub v5.6.0pro to create sd card. Only running one animation show and is set to run whenever show director has power (so, no schedule). I have tired 2 different kingston sd cards (one from last years show and the other one that came with director). Upon power up, director remain in "init" state. It had ran prior, but after an hour just froze up. Now, I cannot get anything to run. The director is powered off a 12vdc power supply. I am running only one network (reg, 112K, lor/elor). Thanks
  8. Location dictates no PC. Must use director. Downtown outdoor gazebo. Can I run a laptop with no issues in central Illinois December/January temperatures?
  9. Currently running S5 v5.6.0 Too late in season to update to latest version?
  10. https://www.holidaycoro.com/Coro-Mini-Tree-p/16.htm Boscoyo may also have some that work with led mini lights.
  11. I have ran a 2 port director for years and like the ability to just dump shows on an SD card and let em run. No computer/PC needed. Last year I upgraded to a 4 port director as many extra pixels were added. However, as I add pixels, I will need to add additional 4 port directors and you will loose some ports doing this.
  12. Perfect. Thanks much. Just make sure red high speed adapters are used. Correct?
  13. How do you add 4 networks if pc only has 3 com ports?
  14. Thanks JR. So i guess 170 pixels is the max. Does it even allow you to set it for 200?
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