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  1. Jaynee, Just make a 2x2 wood frame and mount faces to that. Please PM me and I will send pics of my setup. Thanks
  2. Vince4xmas

    basic plus

    No issues running director with SD card. A G3-Mp3 or G4-Mp3?
  3. Change the prop from vertical matrix and use 5 separate unconnected lines or firesticks, then address pixels accordingly and add a group called matrix which includes all 5 lines.
  4. Just address the pixel you need and non-used will stay off.
  5. I have moved the jumper to the "on" position. We shall see if that helps. Thanks
  6. LOR enchanced 1,000K No other controllers on network Running from PC with red adapter on com3 I will try another cat5 cable
  7. Ohh. I see that the Listener opens first and then Control Panel. Thanks
  8. Been doing this for a long time and first time setting up a Pixcon16 (I have successfully installed 2 of these) I encounter random pixels changing colors at a fast rate upon startup. I run the S5 show and pixels respond correctly. However, the random "twinkling" continues when the pixels are to be off. I am running latest S5, latest firmware for Pixcon16, 12vdc pixels, 2 power supplies to Pixcon16 (one for bank1 channels 1-8) and (one for bank2 channels 9-16). No power injection. Running Pixcon16 channels at 30% intensity. From Pixcon16 to first pixel is 12'. 150 pixels/channel
  9. I need to select the Control Panel shortcut on desktop, twice, before it will open. Any ideas why? Thanks
  10. Also, check out Matt Johnson's arches. That is what I did for my four arches.
  11. I have asked this question several times. I see NO need to "waste" pixels on a singing face. Use them elsewhere on other pixel props.
  12. Matt It is a long song.....4:50. Thanks
  13. Nothing for me this year. Pretty full display. Plus, moving display to another location. If all goes as expected, then will order more next year!
  14. Thanks Matt! I am using the audio motion effect I a few spots. So just leave it alone and wait to load? Not that big of deal....just a question regarding load time. Please advise. Thanks
  15. Taking me 2.5 minutes to open a sequence (19KB) in S5 v5.6.0 Pro. Is this normal? Thanks
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