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  1. Perfect. Thanks much. Just make sure red high speed adapters are used. Correct?
  2. How do you add 4 networks if pc only has 3 com ports?
  3. Thanks JR. So i guess 170 pixels is the max. Does it even allow you to set it for 200?
  4. I ran 2500 pixels per network last year using a g3-mp3.
  5. page 5 of lor pixie user manual 3/9/2020 v1.06 states the maximum is 200.
  6. What is the maximum amount of pixels I can place on a LOR high speed red network adapter running from PC?
  7. Just looked at recent documentation and it states 200 pixels per port
  8. Also, a Pixie16 can do 200 pixels per channel if running at 50% intensity correct? So why not 2 (100) strands per pixie port? Only need 18 ports for 36 strands
  9. I have a project to add a 360 degree pixel tree with 36 strips of 100 pixels each strand. The plan is to use a couple Pixie16s and each channel on the Pixie will control 150 pixels. So I have 1st strip starting a bottom going up 100 pixels, then next 2nd strip going down 50 pixels (1/2 length). The next channel, 50 pixels(remaining 1/2 length) down the 2nd strip, then 100 pixels up on 3rd strip. Repeat for remaining strips. How is this configured in S5 preview/prop configuration when you have the above wiring? Every other strip consists of a split channel. Please advise. Thanks
  10. JR how are you able to attach screen capture for others to view? LOR limits size of file. Please advise as I would like to post a sequence from my new show S5 screen capture. Thanks
  11. Jaynee, Just make a 2x2 wood frame and mount faces to that. Please PM me and I will send pics of my setup. Thanks
  12. Vince4xmas

    basic plus

    No issues running director with SD card. A G3-Mp3 or G4-Mp3?
  13. Change the prop from vertical matrix and use 5 separate unconnected lines or firesticks, then address pixels accordingly and add a group called matrix which includes all 5 lines.
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