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  1. Thanks for this suggestion. I am just getting started. My CCR worked for the first day or two but then stopped working. I had accidentally put an OFF standalone sequence into it. I deleted it and it is all flashy again!
  2. I don't have a super star. Can I use the Super Star software, with my single ribbon, to do what you suggest? I thought superstar was a separate controller. I see that it is just another software tool. I am learning to use it now. Thanks! Sigh... Can't test out if the Super Star software balance/color mode option will fix my color mismatch issue - unable to export sequence using the demo mode. Not sure if I want to spend $50 for the software since I only have one CCR right now.
  3. Newbie. Just unpacked and hooked up my new toy last night. I figured out how to connect and play with my CCR via the Hardware Console and the S3 software. Issue: When using the Sequence Editor, if I picked full yellow or orange colors and then played it on the CCR the colors were completely off. Yellow was a pale blue and orange was a greenish yellow. If I use the Hardware Utility > Console, I can play with the sliders to get an acceptable yellow and orange. So I know that the CCR can produce these colors. Question: Is there a way to fix the color mapping from the Sequence Editor
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