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  1. James - if this sequence is still available, Can I grab a copy ndutton@the-brit.com?
  2. certainly..... but remember this is for a very specific application. I carry minimal load on each circuit even if I hadn't tripled up (aka nowhere near the theoretical limits). The reality of this is that, as you point out, this isn't the >100ft light load extension cord, with an indoor multi socket adapter plugged in it which I am sure most people do ;). - It is a more weather proofed solution in which I calculated out the load potential for my application and as I said, its just an idea... people should use it only as inspiration and adapt it suitably for their scenario.
  3. No it is not armoured and so not considered a raceway conduit, I wanted the cable to be flexible but ground conductor is available to the circuit. (I am also confused by your statement. Its a 12 conductor cable, there are 6 pigtails (so 6 hot), which means there are 6 conductors leftover.. Therefore theoretically, with a shared conductor for N and another shared for GND that creates 4 spares (though in my actual case 2 of those are being used for additional shared N and 2 for additional shared GND. I think you are assuming that I ran a neutral for each pigtail. Maybe this will help explain: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4a691froa6vc0ee/12 core.pdf?dl=0
  4. hi there, did this every percolate up?
  5. Thought you might be interested to see some modifications I did on a controller. I have a number of regular small props clustered together. I've always had the controller on the periphery with several extension cords connecting them to the controller. After this 2019 season closed I made a plan to change that and attached is the result. The cable is a 12 core 16 gauge cable with all the old connectors moved down to a "distribution box". The current box offers 6 outlets but potentially I could add another 4 with fly leads of longer lengths if needed. Just an idea if you need it.... https://www.dropbox.com/s/4ix03ivjyaccump/IMG_6161.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/wuxjovda9zdyfc8/IMG_6162.jpg?dl=0 Note: the cable glands are weather proof design. For the 16/12 cable: https://www.lowes.com/pd/Sigma-Electric-ProConnex-3-4-in-Cord-Grip-Connector-Conduit-Fitting/3389372 For the Flyleads: https://www.lowes.com/pd/Sigma-Electric-ProConnex-3-4-in-Uf-Cable-Connector-Conduit-Fitting/3389324
  6. Looks like you have some hard coded links in your examples
  7. Sorry I missed your reply. I've been offline for a little while. Suddenly realising its Xmas and that i need to get myself into gear!
  8. Sure - I'll give them a blast... Thanks! ndutton <at> the-brit.com
  9. REPORT BASED ON VERSION 5.3.6 I found 2 minor bugs in the automation of prop generation. Here is how to reproduce. Open a preview design Add Item Select "Add a LOR device" Using the logical flow Type a name for the prop Select the device type, eg. Cosmic Color Ribbon/Bulb BUG 1: Name is overwritten with "CCD". Suggest flip the logical flow so that select device is first in the layout. Enter Unit ID, Network type (in my case Enhanced) Select CCB with 2 strings Select: Setting 2 has its own Unit ID (base Unit ID + 1) Now review this picture: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hm7gfi17ej8s0zb/20190825 CCBs.png?dl=0 I show here 2 examples... The Orange shows the name I selected. This transfers as expected to the prop list The Red shows the ID. BUG 2: Notice that the name uses the initial base ID throughout the prop list despite the 2 ID selection. In example 1, they are all addressed 01 as opposed to 01 and 02. In example 2, they are all addressed 03 as opposed to 03 and 04 The second bug (as listed) is either a bug or my mis-understanding of what I would expect based on my selections. Either way, I see it as wrong.
  10. Has anyone sequenced the Billie Eilish song, Bad Guy?
  11. This is one of those topics where a video tutorial course that takes you from nothing to a complete sequence (even if the training sequence is a short sentence, such as "welcome to our lightshow") - just something that joins all the pieces and spells it out.
  12. thanks for drawing my attention to the Pre Scale image option
  13. When you say accelerated scroll, what do you mean ? I was hoping that you meant that you could jump down the fonts by pressing the 1st letter or using the scroll wheel. That doesnt appear to be the case though
  14. true but I actually want the letters to be on their side as opposed to on top of each other.
  15. I am using P10 panels and therefore the 'TextPE' (and 'text', though I haven't really found why I would use that one) is a useful tool for Now playing and prompts etc. Instead of using a singular font though, I am using several fonts and it would be useful if I could press the first letter of the font name and the list jump down to that part of the list. eg if I am I the Arial part of the list and I press H then it would jump down to the Helvetica part of the list. I also noticed the mouse wheel doesn't scroll the list, you have to use the arrows on the list to move it around.
  16. Matt, For the motion effects and specifically on the 'TextPE' function, can you add an orientation selector. I am putting 6 P10 panels vertically mounted which will normally offer things like an equalizer effect, but on occasion it might be nice to run text down them (on their side). To do this rotating the text 90 degrees from the norm is my ask. N
  17. by the time i am finished there will 3 columns of 6 panels (we have a deck in the front of the house where the roof is held up by 3 columns, the props will be mounted to the 3 supports) aka: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2aqq66rdk2de6t4/3columns.JPG?dl=0 I want to run each column on its own output port (O1, O2, O3) so the cable length is minimised. As I say, If a single output is connected up it all works just fine but when I use multiple outputs nothing works. I assume I am missing a fundamental setting. (for testing, I am just using 2 panels. either hanging them off their individual port (O1, O2) which doesn't appear to work, or one panel hanging off the second (which does work).
  18. OK here is the latest. I changed the panels to a 1/8 scan and everything works. I can out put to the panels. I have a new problem. I created a test sequence that scrolls through the panels displaying each panel name (Panel 1, panel 2, etc.) and doing a quick RGB colour flash so I can see I can get to each panel and test the LEDS. Nothing too complex. Here is the weird bit. There are 12 panels. If I hang all panels off one BBB octascroller port then everything works fine (Doesn't matter which port). If I split them so 6 are on O1, and 6 are on O2. there is NO output observed at all. I assume I am missing something in setup? https://www.dropbox.com/s/t5rxwcy8b7smece/2019 04 30 MultiOutput.png?dl=0 Ideas?
  19. Build 5.2.4 (Maybe others) There is a bug that can be infuriating. Setting up 20 DMX channels at once. Start filling in the dialogue box. Comment Select E1.31 Specify IP Address Select Total number of universes. DO NOT select from pull down, select by typing 20 in the dialogue box. Press OK You will find the DMX universes were not created in the Net config. You HAVE to select the number from the pulldown. Nick
  20. Smelling another good rock classic here...... ndutton<at>the-brit.com
  21. Guys you have been going crazy with the rock classics! Awesome..... can we go again on this ? ndutton <at>the-brit.com
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