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  1. Bob, Could you please explain why you add I thought Multicast runs on 239.255.x.x? I'm sure I am missing something.
  2. Anyone know of a way to easily change an RGB color across an entire sequence? I have many channels with a shade of green that has too much blue in it and I want to replace with something else.
  3. I'd like to sell everything in one sale for convenience sake but if I don't find anyone interested in everything then I would piece it out. So far I have received a few offers but none are for all 6 controllers. My highest offer on one of the CTB16PC was $125 shipped and one of the CTB16D was $150 shipped. That said, if someone were to offer me $850 for everything I would ship it out this weekend. Otherwise I will wait a few weeks for offers because I am in no hurry to sell them.
  4. FOR SALE I have 6 used LOR controllers and a USB adapter for sale. The controllers were just used this past season and have always been kept inside and out of the elements. What you see in the photos is what you will get. No enclosures or cord sets are included. Please PM me with serious offers only. 1 X USB485B Adapter with booster and USB cable. 1 X CTB16DV6 (blue) - Deluxe level 16 Channel Kit with high-power heat sinks. This unit will handle a 40 amp load ( 20 amps per bank ) 3 X CTB16D (green) - Deluxe level 16 Channel Kit with high-power heat sinks. These units will handle a 40
  5. wilmesfamilylights wrote: About a week ago it was raining for about two days. 80% of my mega tree was out as was 25% of my house lights due to GFCI's tripping constantly. I was seriously thinking about removing all my GFI's so that my display could run without any components being out. Once the rain stopped I was able to get everything working again. A few nights later I looked out my window and saw a family with 3 or 4 small children watching my display from the sidewalk. The children walked up to my mega tree and mini trees and started touching the lights (not something I liked). It mad
  6. THANKS! I was able to quickly add this to my show for tonight. My kids will be SOO excited.
  7. Nice! Do you have any closeup shots of your mega tree? What are you using for your center pole?
  8. Thanks but this is a bare XP machine. Nothing except XP and LOR installed.
  9. Previously I was having issues with 3.1.2 so I did a fresh install of XP and then installed 3.1.4. My show ran fine for the last few days but tonight my show suddenly stopped after running for about 20 minutes. Once I noticed the show had stopped I went to the show controller pc and found that LORMonitor and LORTray where listed as not responding in the task manager. CPU was 100% and memory usage was around 120 meg. I rebooted the machine by doing a hard reboot because going to start > restart did not respond. Again, this is a clean install of XP Pro with no antivirus or any other apps runn
  10. Last year I had the same type of issue. What I did was create a short 10 second sequence with all channels off. I created a new show called AllOff and then set the show scheduler to play the show with the AllOff sequence every 30 minutes(outside of the normal show times of course).
  11. You can make one using #12 cable and a 20 amp plug....both available at Lowes, Home Depot etc.
  12. I just heard back from HolidayCoro. They are fixing my issue ASAP. It's great when companies offer such great service.
  13. wbottomley wrote: Thanks, I tried that but have not heard back yet and I wanted to send a follow up directly instead of using the web form because my deadline is approaching.
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