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  1. In practice it usually works to split the signal as you say, I do the same with my lights. However it can cause problems with signal reflection corrupting the first packet on the line in some cases. It really just depends on the cable lengths before and after the split, as well cable quality. That being said it doesn't hurt to try it, the worst that will happen is the lights just wont get the right data and might act sporadic. If you do try it and you have problems with the signal, there are devices that will split and repeat the signal, effectively isolating the outputs from each other and the input. The commercial ones can be a bit costly though, and are not usually worth the money to buy in our case. You can make one though if you know a little bit about electronics. It just takes a few Opto Isolators, DC to DC converters and RS485 Differential Transceivers. Also here is a good technical DMX512 Primer, with some other Tips and Tricks as well. http://www.dfd.com/primer.html
  2. While putting up my CCBs this year, i noticed that the O-rings on my CCBs have gone missing. I was wondering if there was a source for replacement O-rings on the Original Cosmic Color Bulb Controllers? Thanks! -Chris-
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