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  1. ws2811 pixels I can communicate with the configuration page I believe the Ethernet port must be working on the e682 because it works on test mode one e682 works so I believe my computer has a connection I am not around my controller rn so I cant take a picture of the configuration page but I can in the am I am using a Ethernet splitter though if that makes a difference I can also get a pic of my command prompt window in the am I appreciate your help.
  2. Alright so I have 2 e682's...ones working perfectly fine... the other not so much. It works when I run it in test mode but when I run my sequence it does not work. I have checked the network preferences and the ip address is entered correctly, ive tried it in both multicast and unicast and nothing. It was working at first but then just stopped. I am out of ideas. Anyone have any ideas??
  3. Do you know what the difference is between ws2811 800 kHz and 400 kHz pixels?
  4. alright so I figured out what happened I just don't know how to fix the problem without manually flipping all the channels in the sequence editor. I have the mega tree set up in the visualizer so the strings start at the top left of leg 1, the pixels work there way down leg 1 to pixel 25 at the bottom and then the string crosses at the bottom and starts with pixel 26 at the bottom corner of leg 2 and work there way up leg 2 to pixel 50. which is why it goes from pixel 25 to 1 and than 50 to 26.
  5. Does anyone know how you set up the Pixie8 Controller in the sequence editor? Thankyou
  6. I'm using a e682. I did not tell the controller that the light stings were folded....I didn't know that you could do that.
  7. This is might sound like a weird question but last year I created a visualizer with a mega tree. I'm not sure the settings I used for the tree but basically I have 6 strings of 50 pixels. The strings fold over at the top to create 12 strings of 25. However last year when I exported my sequence from superstar to the sequence editor and tested the tree, the pixels were off... so I figured out that I had to move the pixels around in the sequence editor. I had to take pixel 25 and make that the first pixel and work my way back down to 1 and then start at 50 and work my way back down to 26 and so on. This fixed the problem but does anyone know why this might have happened?
  8. Does anyone know how to delete an entire device when using the sequence editor?
  9. I have created a mega tree in the visualizer. I went and assigned channels but the one string starts on universe 13 and ends with pixel 5 on universe 14. is there any way to edit the string because when I have it start with pixel 151 an error pops up saying that there are too many pixels in universe 13 when I go to play the visualization..
  10. I just got a new computer and am getting all my light o rama stuff transferred over however the visualizer wont play. I remember this happened to me when I first downloaded light o rama and there was a simple fix I just cant remember what that was. (The comm listener is running). anyone have any ideas?
  11. Jim I would like to take you up on that offer. I just re sent the email to you, Can you please re send it to Brian. Sorry for the delay Brian I've been busy the past week and haven't had time to re send this email out. Hopefully you can still help me out. Thank you
  12. alright I tried sending it to superstarlights1@aol.com. If you don't get it this time ill try from a different email address. Thanks for you help
  13. Brian, just checking to see if you got my email?
  14. Luke you didn't receive your order? did you get your money back?
  15. I currently have 2 e682 controllers but I am interested in purchasing a pixcon controller instead of another e682. I'm looking to hear people's opinions on the pixcon vs the e682. Also does anyone know if I can run an e682 and a pixcon from the same Ethernet switch?
  16. Alright so when I went in and specified the row and column, I specified up to 23 row but when I imported the visualization into superstar I still only had 8 rows on the grid. Any Ideas?
  17. When you say specify their row and column. Do you mean the row and column number on the grid?
  18. I struggled with this last year and I was wondering if there has been any changes to the software yet. I want to add to my visualization but every time I add anything new and import it into superstar my existing sequence gets all messed up because the pixels shift around. Anyone know anyway to go around this?
  19. I tried sending an Email through their link on their website but it wouldent let me. It said the link was broken. I'm thinking like their phone line it was disconnected. I did however get ahold of them through Facebook messenger and they said all orders will ship but when I asked for an estimated time frame I got no response. Guess I'll have to wait and find out.
  20. I placed an order through seasonal entertainment a few weeks ago as I did not realize they were going out of business. They took my money but I have not received my order. Anyone know what I should do?
  21. Alright so I bought pixnode strips ealier in the season from holiday coro to mount my pixels in, these are part of the quick tree setup that holiday coro offers. Well I ordered the strips with one inch spacing on center thinking I would be able to stretch the pixels 3 inches apart but I am unable to do so as the wire connecting the pixels gets pulled to hard. My solution is to mount my pixels 3 in then 2 in then 3in and 2in apart all the way down. By doing this the wire connecting the pixels is no longer being pulled to hard. My question is, when lit up at night will my tree look weird with 3in,2in,3in,2in spacing all the way down?
  22. Yeah, when I use the play 8 seconds button it plays fine but then when i use the play all button it appears different.
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