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  1. Open it up and see what's inside. It might be easier to replace the lights with 12v lights.
  2. I recommend Google Drive for backups. It also keeps the 30 previous versions of each file for a few months so if you change a file and save it you can go back to the previous version.
  3. I had this working last year but I forgot how Unit IDs work on LOR controllers running in DMX mode. Is unit ID 1 channels 1-16, then unit ID 2 channels 17-32 What happens with a controller with 24 channels?
  4. Does anyone have Superstition by Stevie Wonder for singing faces? I see several old threads but don't want to post to them as they are so old. Please PM me if you have them. Thank you. ?
  5. Couldn't you contact the police and parents and try and get the computer back?
  6. This is an old thread. I was surprised that I remember this thread when I saw the email come in. You cannot twinkle each LED individually, as they are all connected together. With standard LOR controllers, everything on each output does the same thing. There is no way to control individual bulbs.
  7. If you are buying a switch, the difference between a decent 10/100 switch and a gigabit switch is minimal. Avoid the cheap plastic ones for less than $15. They go wrong quickly. Last year I used a D-Link rack mount switch in the garage. This year I no longer have a garage, so the switch will go in the kitchen and I have 4 Cat6 cables run to outside.
  8. I went with Advanced then Pro when it came out. I don't actually use any Pro features though. Unless you are on a badger, or want to spend it on more lights, get Advanced.
  9. Thanks. The lights are some standard light strings I got really cheap the other day. This year, a new design of lights came about which uses only two wires to control two series. Each LED is connected at alternate polarity. The effects can be created be reversing the polarity, although this means that there is no true static effect. Lights which will work on 30 volts are becoming rare and expensive. I put the voltage up to 32. This is the voltage of the lowest voltage string (If this makes sense) I have 5 strings, 4 36v and 1 32v. Surprisingly, both sets I had connected worked great first time. There is a slight noticeable difference in the 36 volt string on my power supply compared to on its supplied one. Thanks. It worked perfectly.
  10. I have 4 strings of 36v LEDs. Is it safe to use them on a 30 volt power supply? Because of the decreased voltage, will the current increase?
  11. It is probably easiest for you to use something like the CMB24D, then, when your feeling up to it, expand into basic DMX (It isn't much more complicated than LOR). Don't worry about DMX universes and E1.31 yet.
  12. I don't quite understand what you are asking. You don't use the standard Light-O-Rama controllers (Like the CTB16PC) for RGB lights. You use low voltage controllers (Like the CMB24D). These let you change the colour and synchronize the lights with music. All Light-O-Rama controllers, as far as I am aware, allow you to control the lights from a computer. You need to program sequences to each song in the sequence editor.
  13. RGB lights don't work with standard controller. You use RGB controllers for that.
  14. They are either 5v or 12v. Cut off one, and try it on 5v. If it works, you are good. If it doesn't, try 1 on 12v. 12v is better, as they normally have cheap tiny wire, and the voltage drops.
  15. I have never seen them with a USB connection.
  16. If your main PC is playing the show, you could not have any sound come out of that computer, or it would come out of your outdoor speakers and FM transmitter. Last year I used Google Drive on my show PC. I could edit files, and they would update on the show computer. You could even just create a shared folder on your main PC, and map it as a drive on the show PC. All files would be synchronized across instantly.
  17. How do you have it connected? Animated Lighting controllers use a different protocol, I thought.
  18. YouTube is much better than Facebook. I have rarely had a video taken down. Search for the song. If there are several unofficial uploaded versions (Like lyrics videos, karaoke versions) then you probably won't get yours taken down.
  19. Here is what I would have done Change all LOR CTB to DMX universe 1 channels 1 to 16 Set snow machine channels as universe 1 channels 17 to whatever Remove your LOR adapter from the com port in the network configuration window. Add it again as universe 1 in the DMX tab. Create a LOR to XLR adapter. I believe that it is blue to DMX + Blue/white to DMX - And green as ground Plug that into your snow machines/snow machine DMX remotes. Should work, and requires no extra hardware.
  20. That is how it is supposed to be. Each pixel is three LEDs. I have had both, but I have now sold my 5v strips with individual LED control to others. It is a little easier to sequence less channels, if you are doing it in the SE. Effects look about the same, and also, this probably depends on the strips, but I have found that they are brighter. If you are sequencing in the PE or XLights, or something else that generates the effect for you, the sequencing difference is irrelevant, and effects may be a tiny bit smoother. And most importantly, they are cheaper.
  21. Nooo! I wish that I had downloaded that video! I bet he found the thread and deleted the video from YouTube.
  22. I have looked through that page. It mentions categories 1-7, not 8.
  23. Last year I entered the contest in category 8, 240v countries However Light-O-Rama have sent out the email with the winners, but it only goes up to category 7. Does anyone have any information?
  24. What do you mean "in DMX"? The sequence editor doesn't care what output type they are. Create your channel configuration, and then copy and paste the sequence from the DMX channels over to the new channels.
  25. I would say that it is the easiest song I have ever programmed. Everyone in this hobby has programmed it. Some don't have it in their show, but everyone has programmed it at some time. It was the first song I ever did.
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