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  1. Thanks dibblejr I really appreciate the great work you did
  2. Could you do the song from the Moanna soundtrack called shiney, my grands would love it! Jeffster34@hotmail.com
  3. Click on the audio link in his dropbox. it shows a dropbox link for his audio highlight, copy and paste into address bar. looks like same page as before but when you click on 2013 link it has his audio for each song
  4. go to listentoourlights.com john storms has his older sequences on their for free. wizards of winter is one of them.
  5. You can scroll down to the sequence sharing forum and go down to the free and fee based sequences thread and find older free sequences to adapt to your show. it doesn't matter if they are large sequences just find channels that match your elements and copy an paste to your sequence. If you are gonna have 6 mini trees find an element in free sequence with 6 items and copy and paste.
  6. Mega i would like a copy if its not to much trouble jeffster34@hotmail.com
  7. i would like to get the next episode faces only
  8. I would love a copy jeffster34@hotmail.com Nice work!
  9. That V shape could be a line of mini trees 1 channel per tree and effect would be a chase across and back
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