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  1. I would like a copy sent to johnnykat12@aol.com Could I also get the singing christmas tree (singing pumpkins) from JR? "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share". Thank you. Chris.
  2. May I have a copy as well. Johnnykat12@aol.com Thank you. Chris.
  3. Happen to have any pics of this contraption lol I could really use something like this Thanks Chris
  4. I just looked back at the trouble shooting guide it it states “Ensure you are running Light-O-Rama S4 V4.3.34 or higher. This version (or higher) is required to work with the newest PixCon16s available. Using lower versions may not work correctly.” funny thing is. When I dug mine out to change my IP,I’m not running the most recent firmware and yet the guide worked like a charm in under 10 min using windows 10. Hmmmm. Now I’m concerned that I will not be able to use my board in a year or so if I don’t update my LOR software. I’ve switched to xlights but still love the pixcon16 board.
  5. I know this doesn’t really help ya unless you have a lot of pixels but I started throwing some effects together for most of the song. But I’m using xlights.
  6. Hey James can I get a copy please. Lightsofedgegrove@gmail.com thanks Chris
  7. Hey Gsmith May I please get a copy of this was well. Thank you. Chris. Lightsofedgegrove@gmail.com
  8. Would yo mind sending me a copy as well. lightsofedgegrove@gmail thank you. Chris.
  9. Ugh wish I were a lot closer so I could get in on this deal. Looks like those would be fun to play with. Oh well. Enjoy guys.
  10. James may I get a copy as well, love all the work you man.. lightsofedgegrove@gmail.com thanks for sharing chris
  11. Happens to me when I don't shut down or reboot my PC for a few weeks or so, nothing to worry about just save your stuff reboot and its good to go. Edit..my software ver in my profile is not up to date.
  12. Thanks again for sharing James. You did a really awesome job.
  13. James as always you da man. I'd be willing to see what you've come up with this time. As always I appreciate you sharing the hard work and hours you put in. Thank you. Chris lightsofedgegrove@gmail.com
  14. Whether your using RGB or ac lights. Just build your model in Xlights accordingly and when your happy with it right click on the model and export.( I.E. arch 1) Choose .LCB and name it. Then in LOR at the bottom of the clip board click import (or something like that sorry can't remember the exact lingo) once it uploads it's just a copy and paste from there. No need to convert the whole sequence. Well unless that's what your after. Then it gets a bit hairy. But still very doable. I'm in the middle of meshing my LOR and Xlights so I can flip flop between them. Not holding my breath for S5 even though it would make life easy.
  15. this is exactly what I did this year for my arches and boscoyo flakes, PE is just not there yet and as of now the effects in xlights are far better than PE and it can be done in SE but takes a bit longer.( I know some use superstar, but I haven't had the chance to play with it as of yet)
  16. James can I get a copy also. Thank you fro sharing. Chris lightsofedgegrove@gmail.com
  17. What's wrong with it. Is it not lighting up. I have similar ones and if you don't put the pins in right it won't light. I just turn them 180 and plug them back in. If you need one I can dig around my shop. I'm sure I have a spare or 2. I believe I have the same length tubes.
  18. Following. I am thinking along a similar line as you but using smart pixels.
  19. awesome job, very clean transitions from effect to effect. looks like I need a lot of practice. mine looked sloppy and not full like yours.
  20. If you still sharing may I get a copy as well. Thanks chris lightsofedgegrove@gmail.com
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