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  1. Have you purchased the software? If so what level? The demo software won’t control the lights. Z
  2. If you are using LOR just shorten the grid by clicking and dragging left.
  3. I build all of my props, strings, and extensions with IP68 3 pin connectors that I get on eBay for a reasonable price. At this stage of the game select a US vendor and pony up a little extra loot. I use 16/4 shielded speaker wire and water proof the connections and have had no problems with rain or snow. I definitely agree with the smaller controllers closer to the props, that way you are only sending data long distances, (safely up to 250' on some controllers or switches). There are so many different ways to do things, just commit to what you're going with early and stick to it and save money
  4. Well said Phil. Only problem was with the last part, "that's enough for now". πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ You and I both know that's not possible. Z
  5. It's a Falcon controller which is able to push the outer limits on distance, but in this case the trees have built in 12' cords. Z
  6. Thanks for the response. No they don't, they only flicker when there is a moving effect applied, Z
  7. Hi all, I know it's crunch time but any help would be appreciated. This year I added 4 mini mega trees. They are 300 pixels each connected to a F16 V2 Falcon controller. They use 3 outputs on 3 universes 100 pixels per universe. Ea 100 pixel string folds 3 times to make 4 legs of 25 pixels each. In the controller test mode the work fine but when I try to do a test in PE they flicker (seizure inducing flicker) when I add an effect such as spiral or bars. It doesn't matter if I do one or all four at once. My power supply is holding steady at 11.8 volts and I have tried adjusting it up and down w
  8. Different vendors sometimes utilize different pin locations. I have purchased multiple pixels from various vendors and I wire the ends myself so the pin outs are all the same throughout my show to eliminate the possibility of an error during setup. Probably not the answer you were looking for but that's how I do it. Enjoy the madness that this hobby is. Z
  9. First off, what level license do you have? I believe you need Advanced or higher. I have Pro and use the pixel editor for my sequencing and visualizing. Hope this helps. Z
  10. I'm sorry that I don't have any experience with the MP3 director, I've always run my show from my computer that is dedicated to the show and is isolated from my home network. Multiple controllers are no problem, especially the 110v 16 channel LOR controllers. They simply daisy chain together using individual unit ID numbers. Start at unit 01 not 1 just in case you end up with more than 9 controllers. I didn't think I would 3 plus years ago, but last year I has 26 controllers of varying types. Welcome to the insanity, er, I mean hobby. You will find a wealth of information here that will help g
  11. zvacman

    Rgb in SE

    Meegan: After the season tear down I will be selling some of my RGB controllers. I'm pretty certain that I have four LOR 24 channel controllers that have literally never been powered up. PM me your info and when I do the tear down/ inventory I'll let you know what I'll be parting with. I'm thinking 50 cents on the dollar plus postage. Z
  12. I'm trying to move the visualization and prop list over to SS from the PE. Is there an easy way to accomplish this? I'm hoping to tap into someone smart who has their show all set and running. Thanks in advance, Z
  13. I connected them just like every other pixel string. I was wondering if maybe someone found that the LOR version of the C9 pixels had the wire pattern as -,+,data. Or some other combination of the three. Z
  14. I purchased 4 strings of the green wire C9 pixels from LOR during the try it for free sale. The directions say that the black stripe wire is ALWAYS negative, the middle is data, and the last wire is positive. When wired like this and connected to my E682 controller I get nothing on a test pattern. If I switch the pixel type to something other than 2811 I get some pixels to light but no test pattern. I am feeding from the correct side and the controller works fine with all of my other pixels. Any help would be appreciated, these strings are for my roofline and need to be up before I get any sno
  15. Running any kind of extension cord off of the female end of a light string isn't advised, that's why it isn't polarized. For the most part it doesn't end well, the fuses in the male end aren't heavy enough to handle the additional load. Z
  16. If you're running 12v you should be ok having the controller on the ground. I've found that 20-25' has been pretty safe. If you want you can add a null pixel inline or consider power injection, totally up to you. I've been getting crisp white out to 25' without any help. Z
  17. I can't agree more. My viewers always like the hand done ones overall, but like the chases that SS does. I'm trying to wrap my head around building a prop in the visualizer before building it in real life. I'm laying out a 16.5' tall 16 leg megatree right now for real life construction. Funny thing is I created my visualizer and channel list with regular led's my first year before I hung a single string. Pixels are just still a different animal to me still. Thanks for the input everyone, Z
  18. Do to a critical time crunch last year I had to do one song with the Instant Sequencer. I liked the effects but not necessarily what happened when and where. Last year was only my second year and adding thousands of pixels was probably a little too adventurous. I spent from February until Setember building props and controllers which left a small window for channel setup and sequencing. I'm going to have much more time to play with SS and PE this year. Thanks for the input, I'm glad to hear that I don't need to redo my entire channel list again. Z
  19. Okay, I've had my time off from Christmas and getting back to it full speed. I've read a bunch of stuff that has explained the difference between a fixture and a prop. Everything seems to refer to fixtures as an entire string or strings of lights. I was unable to find any info on pixels. Do I create a fixture for every pixel that is used in a particular prop or section of a prop? When I used superstar to do an instant sequence every song looked the same. Is this just the nature of the software or is my terrible fixture/prop channel designation the culprit? I had Brian tie into my show comput
  20. Hi everyone! Now that the season has ended, the dust is settled, and everything is down and stored away we now look to next year. This past year was my first with pixels and all in all it went fairly well. I had a lot of rogue pixels flashing at about 5% brightness all over the place without any rhyme or reason. I need to figure out why, suggestions are welcome of course. My real question at this time is a distance question. I read somewhere recently that the Falcon is able to send power and signal significantly further than other pixel controllers, the figure I saw was 400'. That is muc
  21. First year rgb, pixel, and DMX newbie here. Output your whole show in DMX and use a crossover cable to run your regular CTB16 controller in DMX. Easy peezy. Z
  22. X2. I already have a matrix that is 25 pixels wide and 28 tall and am adding a 12x50 pixels tree next year. Z
  23. In the sequence editor select control lights, plug in the data cord and hit play. Z
  24. I can add the sequences with the simple show builder but they play crazy. The show editor doesn't even show my sequences at all to build it from there. New computer with nothing old on it. Z
  25. HELP HELP HELP! Sequences run fine when played from the sequence editor but when I build a show and do show on demand the lights go crazy. People coming tonight HELP! Z
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