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  1. Thank you from one of us who wear the Blue!!
  2. This is the post I was replying to from ZMAN.... ^
  3. Greg Young, great post. I know some are frustrated with SE and the communication. Greg's situation is dynamic and fluid. No one likes to get burnt on an order, but you also do not know what is going on in Greg's world right now. Like others who have gone before him, his council is guiding him on what he can and cannot do. It's just unfortunate that a good vendor is now no longer in our community
  4. I am glad you got your money back... I did not...... I have heard some justify the actions of company saying "you don't know what he is going through".. Well he did not care what I sacrificed going through to place my order "He" only pocketed my money and failed to deliver... So after planning my entire design on items I never received, I ordered through Holiday Coro, and am trying to redesign my entire season... but wait according to some I should not be upset about what the owner is going through..... So my hundreds of dollars are less important than his.... this is why this country is in th
  5. Planned a new design.. Grrrrrrr.. A new order placed with Holiday Coro... If this one falls through I don't know what I will do.... Holiday Coro has always been good to me so I have faith.....
  6. I have sequences leading up to Halloween... But on Halloween night it changes to a haunted house. Leading to Halloween is music.. On Halloween night it becomes a lot darker...
  7. Thank you Rainy I have sent you a facebook message.
  8. I really do appreciate the offer Dennis to help. I will just place another order, with Holiday Coro this time, and start trying to re-plan my design around what I can get in time for the display to start..
  9. I Guess I should have been concerned when a person goes from being a dog groomer to a person in charge of dealing with bigger business.... I really should do my research better before ordering....
  10. A lot of pixels and 5 candy cane props
  11. I have had great customer service from Holiday Coro and LOR with the different RGB products I have purchased. Orville I agree with the ease of the Big Box Stores but unfortunately they don't sell any RGB items for use with the different devices.. Although I will say it was less stress dealing with them.... Holiday Coro and LOR here I come with your business!! P.S. if you're going out of business please send an friendly email ...
  12. In case anyone else has been waiting on orders like I have (two of them actually). I was able to get a message from them on facebook and they said they will not be responding to any questions or requests. I am not sure if I am more upset about the loss of the money or the fact all the programing I did will not be able to displayed in this years display.. I will file a dispute with the bank but now I have to reorder all the items from a different company..
  13. Thank you godman, greenie, and SPaschall for your help!!
  14. Hi everyone, I have a question. I recently purchased both a Pixicon16 from LOR and an Alphapix from Holiday coro. I know that I will need to update my LOR to the PRO model to use the Pixel editor. My question is my Alpha Pix controller wont be here for several more months, but if I go ahead and purchase the upgraded software can I go ahead and start programming and then import the new devices into the program or do I have to wait until the gear arrives, then start programming? Thanks everyone
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