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  1. I called LOR. I needed to upgrade to 4.4.4. They didn’t recommend trying 5 this late in the season. Got it loaded, setup a trial run with two shows, added the file to set the time on the controller and am going to give it a try. Thanks, Jim
  2. I did read it but was not sure if allowed putting more than one show on one chip. Also can’t find the Hub in my system.
  3. Checked and does show it and am I correct that the Scheduler only works from a PC not a G3?
  4. Good day, show is getting to long. Right now I run on a G3 using SD card. Would like to break into two or three different shows and alternate on different days without changing the card every day. I was reading in the instructions and it mentioned a new Hub program. I think it allows up to nine different shows? Also can’t find it in my programs and it just upgraded to Pro level but it didn’t upgrade to version 5 when I upgraded the level. Using 4.3.26. Am I misunderstanding a lot of things here? thanks, Jim
  5. Hello all, Trued searching and am surprised that I can’t find Silver and Gold. Any one done it in singing faces? Thanks, Jim
  6. Cool. Thanks. I’ll post in it.
  7. Good day, I saw a YouTube video of a heavy metal version of the Imperial March. Got me thinking, has any one done the regular one for AC controllers? I saw James Morris pixel one but I’m, for the most part using AC controllers. Thanks, Jim
  8. Sounds cool. Any pics or vids of them?
  9. Good day, As I'm upgrading certain pieces from incandescent/LED to pixels I am looking to change out arches next year. Of course these are standard fair for Christmas but do any of you use them for Halloween? Jim
  10. Plan and simple, many of us wouldn’t have a show or at least my show wouldn’t be half of what it is. Jim
  11. I always try to unless someone has heavily modified it for sequencing such as made it PG or shortened it in the middle. Surprisingly this one is on iTunes though. Jim
  12. Did you get the song from iTunes or from video?
  13. Wow. Thanks. et1drouillard@yahoo.com Jim
  14. Anyone seen or even better sequenced this?
  15. Thanks. I think I can picture what you are doing. Jim
  16. Oops, when I said program into show more of the sequencing of a 3/4 beat over props setup in groups of 4. All the “timing” pieces are setup in 4s since most music is a 4/4 beat. Jim
  17. Good day, Now I have very little musical skill. I depend mostly on the assistance of the generous persons here and the wave form at the top. My show is setup on four counts as that is what most of the music I use is but there are more and more 3/4 or waltz songs out there such as Hedwig’s Theme. How do you program these into your shows? Thanks, Jim
  18. Good day. May I get a copy? et1drouillard@yahoo.com Thanks, Jim
  19. May I get a copy? et1drouillard@yahoo.com Thanks for your work and generosity. Jim
  20. Hello all, Has anyone done the rock version of Christmas Canon Rock? Looking for singing faces and background effects if possible. This version, From the Lost Christmas Eve soundtrack -
  21. I have the TSO version of the song already. I can’t find the Ozzie version on iTunes yet. Got to hear that
  22. Good day all, Seeing if anyone has done carmina burana: i. o fortuna? With singing faces a plus. Thanks, Jim
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