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  1. All, I am using the 4.4.16 Sequence Editor. My computer is a Mac Pro running Parallels (if that matters). When I open up a sequence, the top/bottom and left/right scroll bars that usually appear at the side and bottom of the Editor are no longer there. The area where they should be is just solid white. Resizing the SE window doesn't help. I'm sure it is something simple that I am missing, but I'll be darn if I can figure it out. Thanks in advance for your help! Chuck
  2. An update: I decided to go ahead and try some things in the Windows VM to see if I could fix this directory creation error myself. I was able to get a copy of the LOR regwipe windows program from the Help Desk. So, I figured I was good if I created some other directories that were invalid. I ran Regwipe and LOR was gone on my Windows VM! :) I installed the LOR software suite again. All went well. When I started Light-O-Rama Control Panel, I again got the message about this being the first time. I also got the message about creating a default directory (\\MAC\Home\Documents
  3. I am trying to install the LOR 4.4 software on my MAC computer running Parallels 16. I am in the Windows 10 VM and the LOR installation appears to go fine. However, when I click on the Light-O-Rama Control Panel, I get the following: "This appears to be the first time you have used Light-O-Rama. Before you begin, we need to ask you a few questions." (I am expecting this....) I click on the Next button. I then get a dialog box asking for a directory for LOR files. A default directory appears in the dialog box: "\\MAC\Home\Documents\Light-O-Rama" I am fine with thi
  4. I am trying to install LOR 4.4.16 on a Mac running the latest version of Parallels. I am getting this same exact error about not being able to create the MAC\Home\Documents\Light-O-Rama directory. You say that you "created another account" and that fixed the issue. Can you explain in more detail what this means?
  5. Update.... I decided to follow the Tutorial that comes with the Light-o-Rama software on the Visualizer. 😃 Started over. Took my original JPG photo and resized it to 849 by 565 (which is the size of the townhouse jpg in the tutorial.lee file provided by LOR). Drew a light string on my eaves. Assigned it to LOR regular controller, Unit 01, Channel 14. Went into simulation mode. And what do you know? The lights appeared exactly on the eaves where I drew them! I'm not really sure why it wasn't working previously. I suspect I was using "too big" of a JPG photo. That
  6. Hey all, I'm on version 4.3.18 of the LOR software..... Been a while since I've fired up the visualizer. I've also moved to a new computer and lost my previous .LEE files. It seems I've forgotten "something" about creating a .LEE file. OK, here goes: I took a photo of my house. It was too big for the visualizer, so I dropped the size down to 2500 by 1400 in my local photo editing software. I imported the photo into the visualizer. I created a simple string of lights on my eaves. Assigned it to controller #1 and channel 14. Saved it as a fixture.
  7. Thanks, all for the suggestions.. I have been to "spiderman's" site, and in fact own the 30 foot web. It is a solid addition to our decorations. I was mainly asking for something way, way smaller. Something that would go from, say, a regular size tombstone to the ground (for example)... Again, thanks.. Chuck
  8. In doing a post mortem of our Halloween show this year, one of the goals was to make our outdoor cemetery look more "eerie". One of the ways we tried to do this was by placing spider webs hanging from some of our props to the ground and/or to our tombstones. The webbing that we used was from Spirit Halloween, the "glow in the dark" stuff that you have to pull apart. Needless to say, we did not get the look we were after. It is very hard to work with and the wind and rain just made it eventually look "stringy" and bunched up. Not the stretched out look that we wanted.... Anyone ha
  9. All, I am thinking of building a covered structure outside to hold the LOR controllers during the Halloween/Christmas show season. Instead of hanging the controllers vertically (all of the cords hanging down) in the structure, I am thinking of laying the controllers down flat horizontally on a shelf (the cords facing me at waist height). Are there any issues that you see with orientating the controllers this way? Assume the structure is properly vented and properly covered and the controllers have the plastic/metal boxes covering them as well. One of the controlle
  10. James, I'd love a copy of this one as well.. Thanks... Chuck capardo@bellsouth.net
  11. James, I'd love a copy! Thanks for all you do for the Community... Chuck capardo@bellsouth.net
  12. The box is called "Name". Upper right hand corner. Uncheck it and those prop names go away! I never knew this. Man, my visualizer file looked messy before. Now, it looks clean. Awesome! Thanks for the tip... Chuck
  13. I was never able to get a free copy of this song. Like "doubledrop" above says, the version I have is a paid version from holidaysequences. It is quite good.
  14. Bill, Thanks for sharing your sequence. It looks awesome! Chuck (capardo@bellsouth.net)
  15. Looking for the song, "Everyday is Halloween" by Ministry. One of my favorite songs back in the day (as they say!) It would be great if the sequence you had to share used some singing faces. Thanks in advance. The sequences that I have gotten in the past through this forum have been outstanding! Chuck (capardo@bellsouth.net)
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