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  1. I'm shopping for rgb at the moment and bout some on alibaba to test for some leaping arch's I'm constructing. Ray Wu on aliexpress is a popular shop for rgb and all things Christmas light controlling
  2. For your question about controlling LED's that have an ac-ac transformer. You can control with DC. LED's that run on AC are really running on DC. They just use half the cycle of ac.
  3. Great show, I only did my first show this year. Love the tree, thought the programming of it was excellent very creative. I'll def have to buy some sequences once I make my own.
  4. When it comes to wiring the positive and negative for a single channel, can you only use the positive associated with the 3 channels next to it only or can you use that 1 positive connection for say 5 negative connections? If so what is the maximum amperage for one of those positive terminals if it's 4A per channel maximum?
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