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  1. On a Falcon F16v3 controller. got a short somehow and damaged the V1 Power input screw terminal block. While the block wiggles, doesn't look like it's plugable and has to be soldered in. Anyone know the part number and what the proper name is for this block so I can find a source. Thanks Mike
  2. Thanks I missed the disk imaging process. Videos on older versions of FPP, didn't have this step.
  3. Doing initial FPP install on a Raspberry PI 3B. When I power the Raspberry, nothing apears on my monitor. Want to confirm I downloaded the current image file from the gethub site. Downloaded the 3.5.6 Pi version and when it's unzipped, the micro SD card contains the file FPP-v3.5.6-Pi. File type is listed as a "disk image file". I inserted SD into Raspberry, connect mouse, keyboard, ethernet, monitor and then turned on power and nothing. Thanks Mike
  4. If you have a sequence for this song, I would appreciate a copy. mkpageler@comcast.net Thanks\ Mike M
  5. Did some searching and didn't see reference to driver chip but did find rs485 interface ic and rs485 transceivers.
  6. The socket for this plug looks like it's 2 rows with 4 pins. Is this plugs actually a CPU chip of some kind?
  7. Had a short in my outlet on a Gen 3 CTP16PC. While searching for fuses, I pulled one too many items out of board. Right below the Ethernate connectors, there's 1/4" squarish plug that has 2 rows of 3 pins each. I bent it all the heck. Will be out of town this wseek and won't be able to follow-up with helpdesk. Any ideas on what this is, and any potenitilal sources for it. I now wish I had followed throught with thoughts on having a backup 16PC.
  8. Not familiar with show directory so did a checked it out on LOR's store page. Since it doesn't have a built-in clock, you trigger it by a timer/motion sensor. So I guess I would put a timer on the dirtory and and just plug the controllers directory into power and leave them on as most of us do.
  9. yEP...DO A GOOGLE SEARCH FOR VIDEO ON "FALCE F16V2 OR f16V3" and "lightorma". Some pretty good video that go througt the whole process of infacing Falcon'swith LO|R. Seems straight forward once you have mastered the process but there is a pretty decent learning curve before yhou reach that "guru" point.
  10. Large quantity of used dumb RGB rectangle modules from Holiday Cror. Before putting them on Craigslist, thought I would first check to see if anyone in the Twin Cites MN area can use some or all of them. I have: 40 strings with 6 modules per string. (240 total modules) 8 strings with 12 modules per string (92 total modules.) Pleanty of wire leads on both ends of strings to solder longer strings. The adhesives foam is gone from pulling the modules up from backing boards. If interested, respond via email to: mkpageler@comcast.net Will reply to this post when modules are gone so please doon't ask "are they still available" or want me to ship them. Mike
  11. Here's a handy mega tree design program. You can adjust height, width, number of stringk/strand, etc.. Mega Tree Design Tool
  12. Never going to get someone elses 48 channels sequences to matc you disply because of different display elemenst. You'll have to learn to copy/paste channels from shared sequences that can match portions of you display. So never limit yourself to x number of channels when making sequences. For 16 channels mega trees, you can get shared or purchased sequences and then copy/past them into you 48 channels existing setup or visc-versa.
  13. On surface, might seem like a great tool but maneuvering it into tight spaces would be a major limiation for me. Much of my zip tying for display elements requires some finger tip control of ties. Kind of an expensive options for simply zip tying bundles of wries. Don't through all you zip ties into your toolbox and get a flush cutter pair of pliers to cut ties.
  14. Might just heard visitor'singing along to SC..never seemed so good....so good...so good. Saw Neil in the late 80's,. Being first of December, inlcude 4 or 5 christmas songs. Anno8uced he's retiring from performing last year becuase of MS or something similar.
  15. I guess I['m having mix emotions on this one. On the No side, I have the thought that a "flashy" house should be limited to thge holiday season when it's kind of ok to be tacky. Managing the length of days throught the seasons would be a show scheduling issue. The potential audience versus the neighbors you might alienate might be a balancing act, irregardess of the muic type
  16. You can combine several eye/mouth functions into single strings. But you will have to keep number of pixels in mind as you set up universes. In SE, add DMX Universe via Edit - Add Device. For outline, add 100 pixels for universe xyy. If you want to copy an existing 'ouline" from an AC channels, copy it and then multiple paste it into your 100 rgb channels. I'd then create a group for those 100 channels as "|Face 1 - Outline".
  17. Kieeping in mind all of your "guest" and not just a few, I would keep it shorter. Don't want tyo drvie3 guest away that may not appreciate 15 solid minutes of the same song/theme.
  18. Source hardware for P10 panel built and up next, power supply. First time I'm using 5v, so just want to confirm I on the right tract. Took some digging but found P10 16x32 output numbers on another forum. For full white, it was measured at 1.38amp. Did a amp to watt conversion which was about 6watts at 5v. So for 6 P10 panels and the Raspberry Pi/PiHat, seems that a 100w-18amp power supply would be plenty? Can't ever imaging running all panels at 100 percent white. Thannks Mike
  19. With a display full of rgb lighting produces, this will be my first purchase of led strings and will be going with Holiday Lights Express shortly. BTW, seems the trend is for retailers to start discountingchrismtas items, well before christmas. Might not be the rock bottom prices you see after christmas but yuou would at least have product to buy instead of looking at bare after christmas shelves.
  20. Going to give P10 panels a test this year and starting to think about ordering. Can you use a single 5v power supply to power both the Raspbery Pi/PiHat and the p10 panels. Reapberry uses a micro USB power connection. Is that the smal 3/16" or so male connection that so many remote devices use (i.e. phones, mpe players)
  21. So if I'm following correctly, you could use either of the following in brridge mode, within e1.31 1) Pasberry Pi wityh a Pi Hat 2) Beagle Bone Black with scoller. The hat or scooler allows you to make connection between RP or BBB, to the first planel?
  22. So for a RP 3 B+, would that require a Pi Hat and not Octoscroller? Didn't see any mention of a PI hat to 1st panel cableon link or whether it was included. What tyupe of cab le is this? Is it the same cable whether using PI Hat or Octoscroller?
  23. Thinking about getting a Raspberry Pi and and folling around with it on several P10 panels. Tried doing some research but no clear on needed cables. 1) For panel to panel connection, is that a 16p ribbon and is this standard across all p10 panel manufacturers? 2) For Rasberry Pi to first panel connection, assuming that is not a 16p rfibbon cable, but what? BTW, what type/size are the power connectors on p10 panels. Again, is this standard amoung manufacturers? Thanks...Mike
  24. For dump RGB, that's the nice thing about the cmb24d, doesn't have to stay connected to the computer. You load the sequence directly onto the cmpb24d, disconnect from computer. When cmb24d is powered, the sequence starts. You would pewoercmb24d from a landscape transformer that has timer/photocell. Or connecting 12v poser suppy to a plug in timer. I'm freeing up a cmb24d this year and might give it a try as landscape lighting.
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