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  1. Let me start off by saying, last year I tried Pixels for the 1st time. I started too late in the season and didn't have enough time to learn, troubleshoot, and therefore Pixels didn't happen. This year, hoping to try again. I got a new controller, Alpha Pix 4 I can control the pixels using LOR S4 Advance as long as I use Universe 1. SETUP: Pixels are plugged into Output 1 Settings on the controller for Output 1 is Universe 1 Settings in LightORama's Network settings have the AlphaPix IP address for Universe 1, 2, 3, 4 Sequence editor has 300 channels (1-300) for Universe 1. All pl
  2. Jim, Thank you so much. I was just wondering if I had to some how use the USB adapter like a Enttec Pro, or if I needed to manufacture a cable that would go from the Alpha pix, to the LOR using some Cat5/CROSS-OVER ... Your Computer icon with the LOR Software on the computer screen is very clever... I liked that! I look forward to the day when I'm able to return the kindness and help newbies, after I've got a few years of experience .... I am very grateful for your advice buddy.. TTYL, Michael
  3. I hear my brain cells burning as I try to figure this out. Last year I ran DMX and LOR on different networks. I used the LOR usb to cat 5 dongle for LOR, and I used the Entec DMX dongle for my DMX. I just got the AlphaPix4 and a friend said I Could run just one network, using DMX only, for LOR Controllers and AlphaPix (DMX RGB LED ABCDEFG) Using Unicast I can control Lights connected to the AlphaPix from Sequence Editor Using Multi-cast, I cannot. (I have no preference uni or multi.. just testing) I cannot get my LOR controller to turn on any light and the green LED continues to bli
  4. Cannot figure out how to PM from tapatalk but I am interested. I have small white pigtails currently but these look nice. What is the difference between d type and notch type?
  5. This Helped a whole lot - Looking thru the Beta Open issues was not hard and once I found the steps from Don, I had it done in minutes. Sincerely, Michael
  6. OMG, Thank you guys so much.. Pulling my hair out here.. (and I Just got a hair cut today too)
  7. I cannot find this issue anywhere. When I try to Launch Light O Rama Network Configuration, I get a run-time error '380', Invalid Property Value. (My property is valued too low, yes, but the new pool should make it better than "invalid". LOL JK Ok, I've un-installed LOR, and re-installed it. Rebooted several times. I've attempted to launch the Network Config. with the LOR dongle plugged in, and without. I've also tried with the ENTTEC PRO plugged in, and without And with the Control Panel loaded and unloaded. Any suggestions ? Gratefully, Michael
  8. I'm Sorry, other tracks ? I have other sequence files that use the same channels but I don't know about tracks
  9. The RGB channels in the sequence editor are flickering randomly. There are no contents in any cells however, the RGB channels randomly flicker. This occurs in the channel name. They do not flicker at the exact same time. It occurs at different times. Nothing is plugged in.Occurs in multiple sequence filesDMX channels do not overlap.Video captured from my iPhone and published on youtube. I freeze framed it so you can see it. Anyone else see this? It does affect the lights when they are plugged in. Thank you, Michael
  10. Bad news. I tried combining neg from both power supplies and then nothing happened. So back to the garage to test voltage and when it showed 20 volts I got confused how a 12 volt power supply could produce that much. When I hooked everything back up in my original iteration the pixels did not come on at all. I fear they are fried. First year attempting and in my 7th week of working on the display from the time I get off work until bed time. Feeling like Scrooge right now
  11. I completely tore the box apart where all my wiring was so I could start over and hopefully identify the error. As for my power injector cable, I tore it apart too just to confirm the following: The Y has Neg and Data coming off the last pixel, the other side of the Y has Voltage + and - There were some changes I tried, that didn't pan out. Instead of powering the pixels right from the OUT of the Pixel Controller, I took only the DATA from the pixel controller and then separate power from the Power Supply (with a fuse inline on the V+ side) However, that only lit up 2 pixels... So then I
  12. Thank you for the feedback. Actually, DGrant, I do have V+, V- and Data going to each and coming from each. Ron, I never thought about brining Data AND Neg from the last pixel, to the next. I will surely try that with my next power injector cable iteration. Thank you so much.
  13. As the days get away from me, I find myself going two steps forward.... 1 step back... This was resolved by someones suggestion to check the pins. It being so new, and my not-so-great vision, prevented me from seeing that the ethernet jacks WERE bent a bit - I think the seasonal entertainment crossover cord bent them, b/c that thing is so big and tight (and now I don't even use it) IF anyone wants it, you can have it. Now I'm stuck on my pixels- but that post will get put in the right location, http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/34464-pixels-misbehave-sometimes/
  14. My previous post was about power injection. I'm still not sure I have understood the proper way, but there was some progress.. ( I think ) I have successfully exported from SS, and played a sequence in the Sequence Editor, and it has worked... sort of. The pixels seem to just stop responding at certain points. I can unplug the pixels while the show is playing, plug them back in, and voila - it goes back to working. I have tried moving the power injector to the beginning of the strings, to the middle, and there has been no common or repeatable outcome. You can click here to see my 6 st
  15. Jim, lots of good info. Thank you. The bottom drawing is something I found to illustrate power questions only. I'm just using a holiday coro tiny pix, one output. Thus, I'm not sure what the zig zag command is but if you have any suggestions on how to get my pixels to operate in the same direction, that would be huge! I appreciate the time you spent answering my questions. After doing so much reading, and not finding the answers, I decided to finally post. I didn't want to have to go back and forth answering detail questions if I could give as much detail in the beginning, without making
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