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  1. "never enough" seems to be a theme I am recognizing with people. Never enough channels Never enough strands Never enough sequences Never enough mini trees Never enough storage Never enough CCRs...
  2. Wow that's pretty cool: colapses like an umbrella! You build that yourself? Did that require welding? Sorry about your morning. Merry Christmas.
  3. Thanks to all of you! Great information! Haha wow! Tetris master! This is probably about where I will be starting off. Awesome. Max-Paul, Did you just reprimand me? I don't need to supply any information about my display because it is not relevant. I wasn't asking how much storage my setup with take; I was asking about your storage situation. I was trying to get an overall picture with responses from people with massive setups all the way down to small basic setups (great job to weveryone btw!)---so I can start mentally planning for the fuiture. Your sarcasm and crispness was
  4. How much storage does all of your equipment take up? Where do you put everything? How do you wrap your cables/lights so they are not tangled the next year? What size totes do you use?
  5. Once I had my own house, from the first time I saw someone's video on YouTube I was addicted. I said, "One day I am going to do that." I haven't even bought anything yet and I already want more haha! I am seeing that this is going to be a very expensive hobby/addiction. Maybe I should do couponing instead. It would take less time and actually SAVE money! JK. No, I just plan to add a litttle at a time; my budget will determine how fast I add things. Yeah still unsure about this. In my neighborhood houses are pretty spread apart with 1/2 acre lots so I am leaning toward speakers, plus
  6. Those trees are really great! Very nice efect! How did you set up those trees? I'm guessing you spiral the strands up and each strand is on its own channel? What is the framework the strands are attached to? What about the stars on top? I would guess three or four stars shapes sequenced in a chase to get the rotating effect?
  7. Cool thanks for the video. I checked out another on your chanel w/o the candy cane spinners--guessing that was one the 16ch ones. T think i want to get me some of those little christmas trees. There is a lot you can do with them. DId you make them yourself?
  8. See attached pic for my current static setup. Thoughts/changes? They are all incand bulbs but after reading I know I need to get LED (i just really hated how they looked on peoples houses around town: so cold and dim.) I have more light that I'm not using right now, and I was planning on hitting up day-after-christmas sales at big box stores to stock up on lights, but after reading on here it seems it is more recommended to buy from HLE or other online vendors. Thoughts? I plan to start off with only 16 channels; probably do 4 windows, my 3 pillars+garage outline, 2-4 on the roof, and p
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