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  1. If its not to late I would love any of these that are willing to share grantpennington@gmail.com
  2. Id like to jump in on this bandwagon if its not to late grantpennington@gmail.com
  3. If not to late I would love a copy grantpennington@gmail.com
  4. I am in the same boat as you. Following along. I have 3 sequences that I built for Halloween this year they are just 8 ch. I am planning on 6 (artificial) craved pumpkins with lights inside and 2 strobes. If you are interested in those let me know. I'm going to start a 32 ch Christmas today when i finish it I will let ya know.
  5. I have been programming an 8 ch sequence for Halloween (6 pumpkins 2 strobes) to Thriller, somebody's watching me, and ghost busters. If anyone wants those they are welcome to them. I am about to start sequencing a 32 ch for Christmas ( I have LOR pre done shows, but they dont quite line up with my setup) I would love to see the sequencing just to see how they time and group areas. If you have any you would like to share please PM me.
  6. I would love a copy if its not to late grantpennington@gmail.com
  7. This will be my first year so I am not coming at you with any exp. but I think for a 16 ch show it looks great!
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