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  1. I figured it out....i was going around my butt to get to my elbow. Funny how you forget the basics when you don't practice. I'll make a new sequence then copy/paste after work tonight. Thanks again.
  2. Thank you very much, I greatly appreciate it! Unfortunately it's been so long since I've done any sequencing I can't figure out how to add my channel configuration above (or below) yours so I can copy and paste. I tried using tracks but it keeps just overwriting your channels.
  3. I haven't been on In a while, but I'd love a copy if you're still sharing. Thanks. Nltownsend843@gmail.com
  4. Yes its going to be on shark tank dec 11th. Is there some sort of bad blood on here with the guy (brad)? Ive never really seen any metion of geek my tree since ive been on this forum.
  5. I started a thread about it black friday that never got any replies. I actually bought the 80 ball kit and its great. .....sure i could have built my own but by the time you buy a controller, director, pixels, wires, ect and the time to build it plus a few hours to program even what it comes preloaded with, its worth the $300 to have a plug n play system to me.
  6. No, you wouldnt use any wire.....pretend the piece of paper i put in it is a resistor.
  7. Couldnt a person just solder a resister in the end of a vampire plug? They're only 50 cents each.
  8. I was running way behind this year on set up.....and man it couldnt have worked out better i put up 90% of my display thanksgiving and black Friday and the temps were beautiful low 70's.....its been 50 and raining since.
  9. A kinda related tip....i have to cross my driveway to get data to my mega tree, i ran my cat5 through 1/2 emt conduit and just laid it across the driveway. This is the second year of running over it with my f350 dually daily anf its held ip fine.
  10. Depends on the length for me, over 25' zip cord and vampire plugs will come out a little cheaper. Anything 12' and under its cheaper to just buy two wire indoor extension cords for a $1.xx each.
  11. I have several quadcopters....none can lift a 100+lb pole though lol. And there would still be the same problem lifting it off the ground.
  12. My center pole is 30' tall, i put my guy wires 20' apart from each other, im using a 16' base. Mine is all home made, so it dosnt match your kit but maybe it will help.
  13. George is a member here. Im pretty sure those trees are rgb or pixels, and the white is just a "wave" going over them.
  14. Yeah im seriously considering some 1 3/4 crome moly roll cage tubing for next year.....its plenty strong and light. My shop is 32'x64' so i could easily hang a one piece 30' pole on the wall in the off season.
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