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  1. I am looking at Madrid and can't see that it's an option to control the Lord controller.I am interested in using software to control my light o drama controllers to be able to utilize my Christmas light controllers while dj'ing. What do I need or how do I get this to work?


  2. This is awesome and I will use it in the future - but won't work for what I need now.

    For the current application I need to be able to go from Dmx hardware to lor controller - or some software that will control lor controllers via microphone.

    Great plugin though!

  3. Never thought of using my controllers for when I DJ.  I have an event coming up and was wondering if there was a way for LOR (or an outside program) to control the lights based off of frequency from a microphone or frequency I preset.  


    Any suggestions?





  4. I have been a LOR user for years - using the regular 16 channel controllers.  I have a question to put some of my LOR knowledge to use for business reasons.


    I want to make an LED scrolling marquee sign that I can program scrolling 'stuff' and then use it as a timer for racing events (running / biking) when needed.  The sign I am looking to build will be about 12 inches by 36 inches or so (guessing on dimensions at this time).  It will be used outdoors during daylight hours almost 100% of the time.  



    1. Are these LED strips bright enough to see in daylight?

    2. I know it can be done - I have seen practical uses of the strips on youtube before - but how do I program my marquee?

    3. This is the biggest and most important question - can I use this as a timer to count up / count down in the Hour:minute:second format?  If so...how???


    Kinda a newbie question - but I am looking to make practical use of a fun hobby I have learned over the last decade.





  5. Hi - strange problem:  controller #1 in daisy chain (but numbered 7 I think) worked fine the last few days but now will not work when sequences play. Works in utility program in the lor software package.  Sequences are unchanged for years, this is the second year for this controller in my line up. Power and data link seem fine. Just stopped working when sequences or show schedule is running. Any ideas?


    Other 7 controllers work fine.




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