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  1. Does anyone have any Lindsey Stirling Christmas sequences? Way behind this year and could really use the help. Thanks in advance Pb61975@gmail.com
  2. Does anyone have any Sia Christmas sequences. I'm so far behind this year and it'll be a great help. If so, here's my email. Thank you in advance Pb61975@gmail.com
  3. May I have a copy as well? pb61975@gmail.com
  4. anyone have any of Sia's Christmas songs sequences?
  5. would like a copy as well Sarge, pb61975@gmail.com
  6. would love a copy as well. pb61975@gmail.com thnx
  7. if this is still available I would love a copy as well (mary did you know) my email is pb61975@gmail.com
  8. Hi James, would love a this sequence as well, pb61975@gmail.com if its still available
  9. It won't me even select a single cell in track 3, just never had this problem. I've edited from sequences that had 7 tracks with 4000 channels with a higher software version, but for some odd reason, I can't touch these, lol. Thanks tho. I'll try calling them Monday and see if they (LOR) can help. It just won't be ready for Halloween, but I'll use it for next year
  10. And on nightmare on my street,. Can't touch track 3
  11. Hey Bill, why can't I channel select (channel configuration) or edit anything on track 3 yard? For some reason it won't let me touch that track at all
  12. Ohhhh, that's you! Lol, thanks I'll try the different one. Sorry for the confusion,. Like I said before, you've helped me quite a lot, and I don't remember going to that One Drive for your stuff you've sent. Again, thank you for helping me out
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