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  1. @MattBrown what is the best way to add the peace stakes in S5 Preview?
  2. What's the best way to add peace stakes to the S5 Preview? using 40 stakes 5 nodes each
  3. @k6ccc, thank you. just made a copy of my preview and deleting all the musical props from it. I'll go back in and delete the background channels from the main preview as well. thanks again. Have a great weekend
  4. @k6ccc, i ran a new show without a sequence in the background section, and everything plays fine... i ran the verifier and found conflict on the intensity files. then i started thinking, that the two sequences were battling each other.... so another question... if my animated background sequence only has 3 channels turned on, (static channels) and none of the other musical sequences have data on those 3 channels, how should i be creating the background sequence? All channels including the static channels are listed on ALL sequences, and apparently when the files are saved the intensity files are what are conflicting and causing the problem.
  5. Seriously, the title says it all... If I play any sequence one at a time, the entire display works perfectly. If I run a show, compressed or not.... EVERYTHING just spasms out, literally, everything just goes nuts, and flashes... Running S5.5.2, here is the hardware breakdown E1.31 from computer to switch, one output from Switch to 1st pixcon, another output to a second pixcon DMX out of the first Pixcon to Universe 1, a mix of 16ch AC controllers and CMB24D boards, using terminator on last CMB24D board (same results with or without) DMX output from second Pixcon to Universe 2, a mix of 16ch AC Controllers and CMB24 boards Again, everything is fine until I load a show file, then all bets are off any suggestions?
  6. In S4 I remember doing a show on demand and being able to watch the show in the visualizer. Is there a way to do that in S5 with the Preview?
  7. the reason the second 4-port switch is so close to the Pixcon, they are in the same box. so yes, the 1.31 signal comes into the switch and from there it goes to the Pixcon and also to the other 2 Alphapix controllers down the line
  8. Jim, so to reorder the last 2 AC controllers on U1, i would need to shift the start addresses of the CMB24 controllers past that correct? i could always run the input pup on the standard LOR network and everything else on 1.31/DMX and that should work right?
  9. You could always create a virtual machine on the laptop and load S4 on that. Its like having 2 pc's in one.
  10. in a few days I am going to test run the layout I attached here. Just curious if it will work. Any thoughts? All LOR hardware, so all regular cat5, and all dip switches on CMB24D are on LOR. Unit IDs on legacy AC controllers are all set according to diagram...
  11. The web interface for the alphapix. Whats the IP adress? Type that into the browser to pull the configuration page. Make sure the DMX output is set to ON and assign it a universe
  12. Have you gone into the web browser for the alphapix to configure the correct universe for the output to the CMB24D?
  13. whats the best way to apply dimming? Should I go through each string and apply the dimming curve of say 50% in the software, or tell the pixcon16 board to dim everything at 50%?
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