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  1. If this is still available, I would love to have a copy too please... jrodp50 AT hotmail DOT com
  2. I really wanted to add the new song, Christmas Where You Are by Five For Fighting, but I have had some technical difficulties and simply have not had time to get it finished. Has anyone sequenced this song and would be willing to share?
  3. Can I also get a copy please? Thank you in advance. jrodp50 AT hotmail DOT com
  4. Hi James, Are you still willing to share I Heard the Bells? If so, I would like a copy, I have a megatree finished and singing bulb faces but need more. jrodp50 AT hotmail DOT com Thanks in advance.
  5. Could I get a copy of Hallelujah and I heard the Bells? jrodp50 AT hotmail DOT com Thanks in advance.
  6. I need help finding a video that I saw sometime last year. It was of a show that had two neighbors houses synced and they had the kids doing the voice-overs. If I remember correctly, it started out with the kids saying howdy neighbor, and then the other kids saying howdy neighbor back. I believe it also had the dueling banjos or dueling jingle bells. I am talking to my neighbor about joining my show this year and wanted them to see that video. I have searched all over and have not been able to find anything. Any help would be appreciated!
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