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  1. My LOR pre-season order (try it for free) per-built pixel tree didn't arrive before thanksgiving. I quickly assembled a 12 X 50 180 DEGREE. PIXEL TREE running on a DMX E1.31 Board. I have little to no experience with pixels and would greatly appreciate any animation sequence that any of you could provide to get me through this season. I am just trying to put together some interesting tree effects for this year. I played around with superstar sequencer and managed to get it into my DMX channels in LOR but they are very basic and short. All the hardware connected up and is running great
  2. The item I am looking for delivery on is in fact the factory assembled pixel tree kit. Unfortunately I have no experience with pixel programming an am running out of time to overcome the learning curve and beat the weather. All I have done in the past is RGB strings.
  3. I ordered on 8/24. My order still has no order status when checking online. Should they all be close to shipping by now?
  4. Yes I am a first time poster. No "Hmmmm" necessary. Sometimes its comments such as this that may keep a person from posting at all that could eventually be a very good contributor. I did not create a profile just to rant. I read often. I am new to LOR and really cannot add much on the forum right now. Some people read and some people post! I had to vent my frustration though. I had the non-sale items preloaded and ready to go. The frustration is I lost the important items on the last screen. Sounds like paypal would have been the answer. The items I lost where in the first two minutes of t
  5. Not happy at all with the way this sale works. I had the items in the cart in less than a minute and the total was showing for everything during checkout, had credit card information in and everything and on the last page it cancelled items. I thought if you had them that far you should be good. Nice job, you lost a $700 sale that had only $300 of sale items on it. I'm calling foul on this one.
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